10 Common Foods That Cause Cancer That The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About


So you don’t smoke, work with deadly chemicals at work, or stand in front of the microwave.  Think you’re safe from cancer?  Think again.  These common foods can cause cancer, and most of use eat at least one of these items every single day.

1. Soda

cancer foods 1

 A recent study from the University of Minnesota concluded that drinking 2 sodas a week can almost double a person’s risk of pancreatic cancer.  Caramel-colored soft drinks contain 4-methylimidazole (4-MI), a chemical that gives soda its dark color.  4-MI has caused around 15,000 cases of cancer in the US.  Many soda companies have started working on replacements for 4-MI.


2. French Fries

cancer foods 2

They may be delicious, but French fries are slowly killing you.  They contain high amounts of acrylamide, which has found to increase a person’s chance of cancer.  Acrylamide is formed when sugars react with asparagine, a common amino acid which is found in potatoes.  Acrylamide isn’t just in food – it can be found in many plastics, dyes, and chemicals for treating raw sewage.  Here’s the bad news – if you’ve ever eaten French fries, it’s already too late for you.  A study published in the International Journal of Cancer found that women who had eaten French fries in preschool were more likely to get cancer as adults.


3. Farmed Fish

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Wild caught fish may be delicious and healthy for you, but stay away from farmed fish.  It’s because farmed fish are fed pollutants and feces, and if the fish comes from China (like most Tilapia), the food they feed the fish is often unregulated.  Farmed fish also contain dioxin, which is a proven carcinogen.  Dioxin can be stored in the body’s fatty tissue for years.


4. Bacon

cancer foods 4

Many people obsess over bacon, but it’s definitely not healthy for you.  It’s loaded with saturated fat and sodium nitrate, which can cause cancer.  In fact, people that regularly eat bacon have their pancreatic cancer risk rise tremendously.  The best way to cut down the risk?  Don’t eat sausage or bacon with breakfast.


5. Well-done steak

cancer foods 5

Steak (or any other meat) with a crispy, well-done char are rich in heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – the same proven carcinogens that are found in cigarette smoke.  At University of Minnesota, they performed a study that concluded that eating crispy meat results in a 60 percent increase in the risk for pancreatic cancer.  How to cut down on the risk?  Skip the grill and bake the meat instead.


6. Grilled Chicken

cancer foods 6

If you think grilled chicken would be a better option than charred meat, we have an awful surprise for you.  Grilled chicken contains carcinogens as well.  In fact, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine sued several fast food restaurants, including McDonalds and Burger King, for serving grilled chicken that tested positive for PhIP, a well-known compound that causes cancer.  PhIP contains heterocyclic amines, the same carcinogenic material found in well-done steak.  The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, but you can thank the lobbyists for that one.


7. Popcorn

cancer foods 7

When you’re at the movies, next time skip the popcorn for something healthier. Popcorn contains dactyl, which is found in the butter flavoring that is proven to cause lung cancer.  If you eat more than two bags a day of popcorn for over ten years, you could develop a condition called “popcorn lung” or constrictive bronchiolitis obliterates, a disease caused by the inhalation of dactyls.  That’s what happened to Wayne Watson, who developed popcorn lung and sued the popcorn manufacturers for $7 million dollars and won.


8. Beef Jerky

cancer foods 8

Without dye, your meat-colored beef jerky would probably look dull grey.  Because of this, manufacturers load the jerky up with dyes like sodium nitrite, a carcinogen that gives beef jerky its appealing color.  When sodium nitrite is ingested, it breaks down into nitrosamines, which can cause cancer.


9. Donuts

cancer foods 9

If Homer Simpson wasn’t a fictional character, he probably would have gotten cancer by now.   Donuts contain hydrogenated oil (which can cause cancer), refined carbohydrates and refined sugars, which can become the breeding ground for cancer.  When fried at high temperatures, donuts produce acrylamide, the same cancer-causing chemicals found in French fries.


10. Coffee

cancer foods 10

Between the bacon and the donuts, mornings can be quite deadly.  But there’s more bad news – coffee amounts to the third biggest source of acrylamide in our diet (the same chemical compound found in French fries and delicious donuts). However, there is evidence to suggest that coffee produces antioxidants that can help fight cancer cells.  A study from Harvard University found that women who drank more than four cups of coffee a day decreased their uterine cancer risk by 25 percent.
  • Dan

    Nice scare article. Before all the people rush about how “organic” is better and how self righteous people say they avoid processed foods because of the “poisons” we regularly ingest, here’s some food for thought on the topics:

    1) Whereas the chemical in soda has caused 15000 cases of cancer, nowhere could I find a site that said over what period of time. This is important because it’s a vital piece of information most scare articles leave out. 15000 over the course of say 20-30 years is a lot less severe than 15000 in the course of a year, for example. Not to mention, from various articles, all agree that you’d have to ingest a ton of soda to reach the dangerous levels of the coloring to be poisonous, that obesity and problems relating to it would happen far before the poison.

    4) Anyone with half a brain cell knows bacon is unhealthy and its over consumption is unhealthy. It’s like you just grabbed a random unhealthy food so you could have a top 10 list.

    7) Who eats more than 2 bags of popcorn a day for 10 years straight? Yes you’d develop it, but seriously, this one is like saying “If you drink too much water, you could drown, so avoid water!” Dactyl, I’ve heard, was reduced and removed from many popcorns because the factory workers who produced the popcorn were the ones who got popcorn lung. And that’s only because it drifted in the air and was in a huge concentration.

    8) Sodium Nitrite can be used as a dye, but it’s 2-14 parts per million, that’s nothing. It’s certainly not enough to warrant a fear article on it, even after the compound breaks down. Did you know that Sodium nitrite has medical uses, that it may be applicable to treating heart attacks, brain aneurysms, and hypertension in infants among other things? How about that it prevents botulism? Or how about the fact that when your food goes bad, it actually makes it taste much worse meaning you’re less likely to eat a spoiled foods because of it?

    9) Considering trans fats being reduced and banned, many places no longer use hydrogenated oils. Many restaurants and donuts shops opt out of using them after backlash from the several years back. Personal consumption at home is where they’re mainly located.

    10) 4 cups of coffee a day will lead to other problems including, but not limited to, high blood pressure, stress, diabetes, insomnia, and migraines to name a few.

    Any of the items containing “poison” that “poison” is in such a small amount you’d have to consume more than probably 5 people in a year do on average before you’d have to worry about the “poison”. Apple seeds contain trace amounts of a type of cyanide I believe that’s naturally occurring, yet there are people who eat them by the handful and they’re still fine.

    The problem is not what goes in to the foods that kills us, the problem is how much is being consumed. It’s not big corporation conspiracy theories, it’s over consuming done by the people. I’m tired of these fear articles that pretty much are akin to saying a house is burning down because you see smoke coming out of the chimney. they need to stop.

  • Joe 24

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