This Is A Video Everyone NEEDS To See. It Will Make...

This Is A Video Everyone NEEDS To See. It Will Make You Speechless


“This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut.”

Look Up is made for the “connected” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, this video holds an amazing life lesson.  Kids today are growing up in a world where they would rather play on their smartphone than communicate with real human beings.  Want to change it?  Please share this video with everyone you know.

  • Guest

    This video really opens eyes. It’s true that everyone is more focused about the technology instead of noticing the people around you. Everyone loses a huge part of the day by focusing on there phone. The video is really amazing and scary at the same time that is already has come so far.

    sorry for my english

  • Darkangel

    This is very, very false

  • edbotsko

    This social media, Facebook, has united me with many people I don’t get to see or even talk to on a regular basis.. I do care about these people….

  • Rodolfo Rudy Sandoval

    really let it go conformity is over d freedom is in

  • Collin

    Ya know, I’m all for good videos, good poetry, and living life to the fullest. But I also believe that everyone should never prescribe others to their own philosophy. (Ironically, I am putting out my own philosophy)

    • iantwee

      Glad you recognised that irony, Collin. Truth is, human passion and love cause us to creatively try to get others to see and experience what we have seen and experienced. I don’t think that’s ‘prescribing’. I think it’s how we’re created.

  • Yet nice efford

    This video is a paradox and sounds like a christmas carol

  • anwar waqar alvi anwar waqar a

    This video can change our life amazingly to notice people around us brinhing them together and live a real life , creatinga direct personal contact rather than using indirect contact through technogical appliances make the life much happier&healthy.We must accepts ground reality in person that will bring revolutionary changes in our thinking, a change needed to grown up kids and the coming generation to live a real life.This messsege needed to spread as muchas we can to built up a healthy society in a constructive way.

  • Taurian Graham

    I love how his views were presented i do find it important. I along with that I agree that the main utilities of our devices from calling and texting has gotten out of hand and has sucked us in a vortex of social networks. Because of this we are loosing the basic skills in interacting with others.

  • Naomi Lewis

    This is spot on. I didn’t know it, but I was one of those people. When I would go out to dinner with Brad, my boyfriend of four years, I would check my phone every 5 minutes or so, even in the middle of us conversing. He pointed out one night, while at a dinner that I did this, and how it made him feel. Now, I generally leave the phone in the car, or give it to him.

    While, I can say this technology has brought me in touch with people all around the world, and FB is one of the few ways I can talk with them, nothing is worse than missing out on there here and now moments that Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram, and Warcraft have all offered distractions from. Those are the important moments, those are the moments this guy is talking about. Hes not telling you to completely give up these medias, hes just simply trying to say they aren’t as important as whats right in front of you.


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