10 Scented Herbs to Include in Your Garden

Aromatics herbs or scented herbs have a distinct and unique fragrance. The oil content is the reason it gives an aromatic scent. These herbs have various uses. We can use it in many cuisines and in making medicines.

This guide covers a list of 10 scented herbs which you can grow in your garden.


It is one of the widely known aromatic herbs. The ease of growing basil is one of the other reasons these are very famous.

It has a powerful scent. We use it mostly in Italian cuisines and salads. One of the unique features of basil is it has various types. Each of them smells different. For example, Genovese and red Rubin have the scent of clove, whereas lemon basil and cinnamon basil smell like lemons.


Mint gives off a fresh aroma. The words aromatic herbs make us think of this primitive herb. Mint has a rich and cold flavor. We use them in various dishes and beverages. Our ancestors have kept using mint in different herbal teas to enhance its flavor.


Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb having a broad range of advantages. We can use it as an essential oil for satisfying baths or use it in medicines for treatments.

This aromatic shrub belongs to the family of mint. It grows well naturally in the outdoors. The caretaker must ensure that it receives at least 6 hours of sunlight.


Parsley is the herb used for its herbal fragrance. It adds color to various soups and dishes. Although it has a bitter taste, it is rich in magnesium and sulfur.

The leaves of parsley can be both curly and flat. While curly has a subtle aroma, flat leaves have a powerful scent.


We favor Oregano for its perennial nature. They come back each year when growing outdoors. It has a steady growth property. With proper watering and maintenance, it becomes fuller with additional growth.

The herb needs adequate sunlight. Although it can survive in partial shades, lack of sun can cause the roots to dampen.


Chervils is also known as French parsley. It is one of the ancient herbs used by our forefathers in making essential oils. The leaves of chervil are rich in minerals and calcium. Hence, it has also been given the name “herb of joy” by the ancestors.


Sage are aromatic herbs that originate from North Africa and Eastern Europe. It is also a member of the mint genus Lamiaceae. Historically, the use of sage was to cure various illnesses. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a perfect sedative and antidote.


Lavenders are herbs that belong to the mint family. The herb has various medicinal properties, like calming the nerves and reducing anxiety. It is also one of the most romantic flowers that urge every gardener to grow it in their space.

Summer Savory

Summer savory is a fast-growing herb that can grow in summer and winter. We can use it as both cooking and medicinal herb. These herbs require at least 12 hours of sunlight to survive.


We widely use Dill as a cooking herb for various dishes, from pasta to salads. The herb has beneficial vitamins and minerals to enhance overall health. These herbs are unique as we use them as a herb and spices. It grows in any soil type and can grow well with little watering.

These are the ten aromatic herbs that are widely popular. There are many more

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