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4 Best Areas in Mumbai for Real Estate Investment

The real estate residential market in Mumbai and MMR (Mumbai metropolitan region) has shown great demand. As per the latest news, the second quarter of 2022 saw as many as 20,000 plus residential units launched across the region.

The overall demand for residential units has been considered an upswing for the straight second quarter for Fy22. It shows that the real estate market of Mumbai is going to be in demand and supply of commercial and household projects.

As a result, it will accelerate the complete trade game of the Mumbai real estate market. This article will tell you the four best areas for real estate investment in Mumbai.

  1. Mahalaxmi

Mahalaxmi in South Mumbai is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, with many old and charming residential structures. This area is considered extremely posh, with a well-developed neighborhood offering easy access to all local amenities. It is well-known for the Mahalaxmi Mandir, the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, and the National Sports Club of India.

The Mahalaxmi area is well connected to the rest of the city. Furthermore, Mahalaxmi is close to many educational institutions as well as prominent business and entertainment centers. Residents can enjoy nature’s beauty from their apartments, which have magnificent views of the Arabian Sea and the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, in addition to the deluxe amenities.

  1. Byculla

Byculla is a posh area in Mumbai for homebuyers looking for a chic neighborhood to call home. The Rani Baug, the Motisha Jain Temple, the Gothic Gloria Church, and the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum are among the heritage buildings and landmarks in Byculla. Byculla is well served by the Mumbai Suburban Railway’s Central Railway line via Byculla railway station, as well as BEST bus routes (Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport Undertaking).

  1. Mulund

Mulund has become a household name among prospective homebuyers looking for luxury properties for a very important reason. It is regarded as one of Mumbai’s first planned suburbs, enticing new homebuyers to consider an alternative to South Mumbai, which is already a hotspot for luxury residential projects.

And, because these young professionals’ offices and workplaces are in Thane and beyond, it is only natural for them to concentrate their search for a luxury apartment in Mulund.

  1. Thane

Thane is considered a cosmopolitan city in the metropolitan area of Mumbai and has become the preferred real estate investment location.

  • It is the perfect blend of residential and commercial real estate. This area has an affordable lifestyle with luxurious amenities at the best infrastructure and pricing.
  • It creates a constant and increasing demand-supply for the residential market in thane.
  • Its excellent social infrastructure and geographical area, the presence of malls, and luxury living with affordable housing with the best hospitals in Mumbai have made Thane the preferred choice for buyers to live in.


Location is an important factor in real estate projects. The location can create desirability, the desirability can create demand, and the demand increases the real estate prices.

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