4 Tips to Pick the Best CFO Software Service

Access to real-time data, cash flow predictive analysis, and aligning your entire revenue team; did you define perfect CFO software features? The right software solutions do more than automate a few mundane tasks. An ideal CFO software, for example, provides a lot at your fingertips that can help improve financial planning and performance. While focusing on software and its features is easier, paying more attention to the service provider is critical. The provider can make or break your efforts to integrate and keep the software running. As you compare various software providers, here are pointers that can help ensure you pick the best.

  1. Customer service

Picture this; you have an urgent question, but you get bounced around from one customer representative to the next. You end up making the wrong decision, yet the data is just a click away. As a CFO, you must always be on your toes, and the last thing you want is to waste time and make an uninformed decision. Customer service is, therefore, critical when determining how reliable CFO software is and if it is worth your business. Consider aspects such as:

  • Average wait time
  • Support channels, such as calls, texts, or only emails
  • Supports hours – 24 is always the best, but they must be available
  • Time zone – if it matches yours, the better

A responsive, professional, and knowledgeable customer services team can quickly get you out of a jam, making your life as a CFO more manageable.

  1. Stability

Imagine investing in CFO software, only for the provider to shut down their operations. Stability is critical; it facilitates continuity. A quick hack that can help is checking how long the provider has been in business. If they’ve been up and running for a long time, chances are that they’ve built a loyal customer base and are likely to stay in business. Also, check how frequently they provide updates. If they are consistent, such as once/twice a year, it is a sign they are committed to the software and are likely to be around much longer.

  1. Reputation

Reviews and ratings; which service doesn’t have those nowadays? They aren’t just another SEO hack; they provide value. Search engines appreciate helpful content, which reviews and ratings do. You can uncover a lot from the reviews, including common complaints and whether the provider delivers as promised. If they have many negative reviews, enlisting their services wouldn’t be a wise business decision.

  1. Rates

Your financials impacts what you can afford. Nonetheless, it helps if you choose a provider based on the value they offer. Cheap software could offer limited functionalities that fall below your expectations. A pricier one may be complex, loaded with features you hardly need. Narrow down your problem areas and must-have features before you begin the search. This way, you can weigh the CFO software based on your needs, not simply the price tag.

The right provider is as important as the CFO software itself, if not more. With the above pointers, you can comfortably navigate the market and pick a provider you can partner with for years.

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