4 Top Advantages for 3D Product Visualization in Your Furniture Brands

Technology has greatly improved how we do things. This has brought a significant change in the digital world, especially in comparing, discovering, or purchasing products. When you think of something, you check with your devices to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

Today, you can see tech-savvy furniture brands having an engaging online experience. That helps the brand beat competitors.

We are in an era where the availability of quality information and explosion through digital channels makes it easier for B2B buyers to gather relevant information independently. In other words, sellers will have few opportunities that they can use to influence final decisions.

Fortunately, high quality 3D visuals have helped brands thrive. If that’s the case, let’s look at how it can help your furniture brands to thrive.

Let’s get started:

  1. Product Customization

There are countless products across the world. Furniture is one of these products that customers need customization.

However, a product configurator is one way you can show different colors, fabrics, and finishes. The advantage is that you don’t have to produce a photograph for each product variation. This is essential, particularly when your brand has a broader product portfolio with variations.

An advantage of technology is that it allows you to create high quality 3D visuals products. Customization of products enables scalably

  1. Engaging Product Page Experience

Aesthetic and details have a significant influence on buyers’ purchase decisions for furniture. That means you must be careful about your web presence, and that’s the first place where potential buyers meet you.

Besides, business buyers are native because they reflect consumers’ habits. When customers lack tactile sense, especially with furniture purchases, you can compensate that with features like 369-degree view, zoom, alternative angles, and more.

Customers would like to confirm the texture and material. That’s why you need 4k zoom pictures for your products. This could leave the customers with a feeling of rich, soft, and velvety texture cushions.

Advanced technology allows 3D to show colors correctly in a photograph. This is highly preferred because it does more than you get from photography.

  1. Room Scenes

In a furniture business, context is a significant factor to influence your sales. This works best for both retailers and brands. So, when you combine elements, you can develop an in-context photo that conveys a specific tone, mood, or quality. Such features help to influence customer’s perception, therefore, more sales.

If you look at successful furniture companies, you will realize that they have put effort into room scenes. They use them to highlight the beauty in their furniture products with the help of context images.

  1. Catalogs

The other benefit of 3D visualization in the furniture business is to help with your catalogs. For a long time, catalogs have been vital elements for the B2B furniture business.

Technology allows you to update your catalogs easily and promptly regularly. The market is competitive, and you have to provide accurate information fast.

Nevertheless, high quality visuals and product specifications are vital for your furniture business. They help with the buying process of your products.

3D visualization technologies can also help you show unlimited variations of furniture products. These could be in different fabrics, colors, and finishes.

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