4 Ways How Improper Waste Disposal Affects the Environment

How you get rid of rubbish might not seem like that much of a big deal. But the truth is, it’s imperative that humans grasp how waste disposal affects the environment. The causes of rubbish pollution are often simply the result of avoiding responsibility and making the wrong choices. Unfortunately, too many wrong choices made over and over again can have profound environmental impacts.

1. Soil Contamination

Away Today Rubbish Removal explains that when substances and hard solids break down in landfill, they can leak nasty chemicals into the soil, which can have a negative effect on all life-forms (including humans) and even spread into water. For example, plastics release DEHA when they break down, which is a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemical. Poor waste disposal makes this problem worse, creating a cocktail of chemicals in our soils.

2. Air Pollution

There are further dangers of waste disposal associated with urban waste. Certain papers and plastics are burned in landfills, which releases chemicals in the air that contribute to climate change. Some waste brings dioxins into the air, which has adverse health effects. Decomposing waste also creates methane gas as a bi-product of the biological reactions involved.

3. Water Quality

Water quality is becoming more and more of a concern in recent times. Whereas centuries ago, we had clear streams, now more and more water sources are becoming areas for illegally dumping waste. It’s essential that we preserve our waterways so that all life on earth has clean water to drink and marine animals have clean oceans to thrive.

4. The Health Crisis

As improper rubbish removal practices continue, our environment and our own health are placed at risk. There are numerous diseases caused by improper waste disposal – too many to count, but cancer is a common one from all the chemicals present in the environment. We must do what we can with an awareness of how waste disposal affects the environment so we can all live healthier lives.

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