5 Major Reasons a Ring Is a Symbol of Commitment

For centuries, rings have symbolized everything, from fidelity, eternity, and commitment to a deity’s representation. Nevertheless, the most well-known intent for rings now is the signification of love and commitment in engagements and weddings.

 The type of jewels used in the ring is symbolic too:

  • Gemstones symbolize resistance to damage.
  • Ruby for a timeless choice
  • Sapphire symbolizes durability
  • Emerald symbolizes love and new beginnings.
  • Pearl for elegance and simplicity, among others.

Above all, the jewel is a symbol of a vow, bond, or an alliance. It’s more of a commitment than just being married. To the universe, the ring is a reminder of promises made.

A Ring Symbolizes Commitment and Eternity

Rings can mean a lot of things, but the major reason widely acknowledged among jewelers is commitment. The world is really changing. Nowadays, this jewel is not just confined to marriage. People should partner with people who have a proven track record, ready to commit even without that ‘marriage’ label. Putting a ring on your spouse’s finger symbolizes your spouse’s commitment, faithfulness, and love to you, an emblem of devotion to love and cherish each other.

The Shape of the Ring

Despite the size, price, or jewels used, the ring will always be circular. The shape of the ring has a meaning. It symbolizes commitment and undeniable love. Why is this? A circle has neither the beginning nor the end. It’s just round! Consequently, the outside of that ring means never-ending love and commitment, and the center opening is a path to the future.

The Sun and Earth

A pair of rings is like the sun and moon. The rings complement each other. Without the sun’s light and heat, this planet would be an enormous ball of ice-coated rock. Therefore, it is the sun that keeps Earth very warm and lively. For instance, everyone who has a ring from their spouse needs to be truly committed to survive. Just like the sun makes Earth full of life.


Despite a ring being elegantly small or large, married people are proud to wear the rings. You will find a bride running to her bridesmaids and showing off her ring from her husband. It symbolizes how proud they are to wear them. This means that the love and commitment between the couples are bold enough to make it everlasting.

The Placement of Your Ring

The ring is worn on the fourth finger of your left hand. This comes from the time when the Romans believed that the vein on that finger led directly to the spouse’s heart. You would find the Romans placing a ring on the couples to show eternal love.

A ring symbolizes a union, not just a marriage label. Notably, a ring is more about vows than just a marital status. It is the exchange of consent and commitment. After that jewel is put on the fourth finger of your left hand, it will be there longer than the flowers presented to you on your wedding day. It will remind you that you are loved.

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