5 Most Common Construction Accidents

Industrial mishaps are a common phenomena, but specific sectors pose a much higher risk than others in severe and fatal injuries. The construction industry has a negative image when it comes to a lack of safety standards. A worker facing mishaps while on duty shall be given adequate compensation. Schenectady construction accident law firm provides active legal advisory to such construction workers in their battle for compensation.

Let us have a look at the most common types of injuries that a construction worker might suffer during a mishap:

Slips and Falls

The nature of construction work makes it necessary to work at higher elevations making falls a common cause of an injury in the construction industry. Ladder falls, scaffolding falls are some of the common accidents that occur while on the job. These falls can result in various kinds of injuries, both fatal and non-fatal.

Back Injuries

Lifting heavy items is one of the most common things among construction workers. Often this heavy lifting can be a cause of severe back injuries, causing extreme pain. These injuries are hard to treat and can cost injured worker weeks of active work. In more severe cases, these workers often suffer permanent damage that leads to disability. Such circumstances are tragic as they can take away the ability to do active work. Schenectady construction accident law firm strives to provide justice for the victims of such mishaps.


Many electrical types of equipment like power tools and construction vehicles being used are at risk of an electric shock are always on the horizon. Other than severe electric injuries, a worker might suffer smaller electric shocks that can cause nerve, muscle, and tissue damage. Electrical burns are another severe injury that can occur. The cost of medical expenses for such damages to the body is very high, and a worker suffering such injuries needs the right amount of compensation to pay off the medical bills.

Getting Hit by Falling Objects

Unprotected ledges are quite common at a construction site, and without proper precaution, a pile of debris, a set of tools can fall upon a worker causing severe injuries. It is a quite common injury in the construction industry if proper maintenance of objects is not undertaken. Seek counsel from Schenectady construction accident law firm if you have been a victim of such mishap.

Caught-In/Between Hazards

A construction site will be full of heavy machinery and equipment with moving parts. If proper precautions are not taken, a worker might find his hand or leg squeezed between heavy objects and moving parts, leading to loss of limbs, crushed bones, and even death on many occasions.

Construction sites should keep loose objects like barrels, bricks, blocks, and construction tools with precaution. Equipment like safety nets, guardrail systems, and aerial lifts should be used for protection to prevent falls from an elevated location.

Legal Options for Injured Workers

A mishap at a construction site can be a life-changing event for a worker. You will have to deal with high medical expenses, and it can also put your career at stake. The determination of responsibility for such mishaps is a significant factor if you want to get justice, you should seek legal advice from a law firm specializing in such cases. Schenectady construction accident law firm has helped out many such victims of accidents in getting justice and compensation.

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