5 Types of Surveys Land Surveyors Can Assist With

Land surveyors play a critical role in various aspects of property development, construction projects and land management. Surveyors provide accurate and reliable information about land boundaries, the topography of specific segments of land, and other essential data for informed decision-making. With the wide number of growing surveyors in Melbourne, understanding the different types of surveys they can assist with is crucial in order to select the right professional for your specific project. This article will go over five common types of surveys that land surveyors can perform so you can determine which service best suits your needs.

Boundary Surveys (Establishing Property Lines)

Boundary surveys are essential for establishing or confirming the exact location of property lines between two or more properties. This process is required in cases of property disputes, land sales or construction projects, such as extensions, which require boundary lines to be clear in order to avoid potential disputes with neighbours or unsafe working conditions for construction workers.
Surveyors in Melbourne provide an invaluable service when it comes to establishing boundary lines, as they can assist with boundary surveys by accurately measuring and marking property lines.

Topographic Surveys (Understanding Land Features)

Topographic surveys are used to identify and map the contours, elevations and other natural or man-made features of a piece of land. These surveys are important when it comes to minimising disruption to the environment and are typically used in the processes of construction planning, infrastructure design and environmental impact assessments. Surveyors in Melbourne have the tools and knowledge needed to provide detailed topographic maps, allowing architects, engineers and other professionals to make informed decisions regarding land development and utilising the land with minimal environmental disruption.

Construction Surveys (Guiding Infrastructure Development)

Construction surveys are the best way to ensure that infrastructure projects are built according to design specifications and in compliance with local regulations. Surveyors in Melbourne can assist with construction surveys by setting out and verifying construction elements such as building footprints, road alignments and utility placements with the ultimate goal of minimising disruption to residents who live in the vicinity of the construction zone. They can also monitor construction progress and provide as-built surveys that confirm that the finished project aligns with the initial design.

Subdivision Surveys (Dividing Land into Parcels)

Subdivision surveys are necessary when dividing a larger piece of land into smaller parcels for sale or development. Surveyors in Melbourne can assist with subdivision surveys by accurately measuring and marking new lot boundaries, ensuring compliance with zoning regulations and facilitating the legal process of land subdivision. If you’re thinking about subdividing your land to build additional dwellings, a subdivision survey is crucial, as heavy financial and legal penalties can apply if you build on land that hasn’t been properly subdivided and surveyed.

Geodetic Surveys (Precise Global Positioning)

Geodetic surveys involve precise measurements of the Earth’s surface, taking into account its curvature and irregularities. These surveys are used for large-scale mapping, establishing control networks and determining accurate global positioning when placing structures or objects. Surveyors in Melbourne can assist with geodetic surveys by using advanced surveying technologies such as GPS and satellite imagery to provide highly accurate spatial data for various applications, including land management and transportation planning.

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