6 Reasons When You Should Seek Psychologist Therapy

Mental issues affect our social life as well as our overall health. Whether it is grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, or relationships, no issue is too small to ignore. Dr. Alexander Alvarado is a licensed clinical psychologist in New York who offers therapy to help manage most of these mental conditions. An appointment will help you manage symptoms and improve your quality of life. Here are the top reasons or signs why it is you may need to seek therapy.

  1.     Relationship problems

If you are already in a relationship that is not going well or you are finding it hard to get into one, it may be a sign that you need a therapy session. Issues with your mental health make it challenging for you to connect emotionally with others. The professional seeks to understand your past experiences to determine the source of your problem.

  1.     You are rethinking a previous trauma

Trauma can range from the loss of a close family member, friend, or job. If you find that you are rethinking that experiences way after it has occurred, you may need to see a professional. Intense grief can affect how well you perform daily activities and even the overall quality of life. You may also be affected by the reaction and strategies you have chosen to cope with the trauma.

  1.     Unexplained headaches and stomach-aches

Being emotionally upset has been proven to affect the immune system and overall health. Stress causes physical ailments with symptoms such as headaches and stomach upsets. It may also be the one that is lowering your sex drive. Therefore, you should get checked for other stress symptoms if you are having these issues.

  1.     Overuse of substances

Most people turn to substance abuse as a way to cope with emotional disturbances. You will begin to notice that you are thinking of drugs as the first choice to numb those feelings. However, it does not always have to be an abuse of drugs. Sometimes it can be food where people gain excess weight due to stress.

  1.     Negative feedback at work

You will notice that the job is not as it used to be when you have psychological or emotional stress. You will lose attention, concentration, or you may be completely detached from your job. When this happens, and managers begin to give negative feedback about you, you should consult a therapist to determine what is wrong.

  1.     Hard time with loved ones and favorite activities

When you have a mental condition and emotional stress, when enjoying activities you previously loved becomes a problem. You will even find that you are missing family gatherings and avoiding people who care for you. This is usually the case for people dealing with trauma or depression. If this is you, it is enough reason to seek professional help.

Experts at Thriving Mind Psychology deal with all mental and emotional conditions to help you manage and recover from their symptoms. These conditions may include anxiety, anger management, depression, phobias, PTSD, sleep disorder, and many more. If you notice your life is not as it used to be, book an appointment for further evaluation and treatment.

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