6 things you can do with your online banking app

With mobile banking, users can complete all their financial transactions through their smartphones. Imagine not having to step out of your house to buy things or clear bills! This is exactly what an online banking app can help you do, among many other things.

Does this make your life easier? Yes, it definitely does! Online banking apps make the entire process of financial transactions faster and also more efficient. This way you save a lot of your time which you could be investing in doing something more important. This is the reason why so many people have started to prefer using online banking apps.

If you have not downloaded your online banking app yet, read about these 6 things that will make you change your mind:

  1. You can send money

Those who are responsible for various bills every month know what a huge responsibility it is to keep a track of all the bills. You need to keep all your bills’ due dates in mind and make sure to have paid all of them on time. An online banking app will however make your life much easier by allowing you to pay all your bills. In fact, you can also set up an autopay feature where the money will get transferred from your bank account automatically.

  1. You can receive money

An online banking app will also help you receive money. You can also request payments by initiating a collect request by entering a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). This definitely makes your life much easier as you can simply request money from someone that owes you a certain amount and can instantly receive it.

  1. You can scan QR codes and complete payments

Do you think taking down numbers, finding them on your payment app, and then engaging in financial transactions is a hassle? Well, do not worry, there is an easier option. You can now simply scan a QR code in order to make a payment too! Nowadays, almost every store keeps a QR code that you can scan and complete your payment using the ‘Scan & Pay’ option on your online banking app.

  1. You can track all your financial transactions

There is no need to maintain a record of all your financial transactions. This is because your online banking app is anyways maintaining a track of all these payments. The app will even highlight any payment that has not gone through and is still pending. This way even if you miss out on a payment, you can always check your payment app and complete it.

  1. You can backtrack all the QR code addresses

When you visit your profile on the online banking app, you can check the static QR code as well as the payment addresses which have been created. You can download this QR code and can even share it on multiple messaging applications.

We hope that this article has been a useful read and convinces you to start using an online banking app. All the best!

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