A complete kids styling guide for a casual day

Ever since a child is born, parents vouch to give them the best. As parents, we believe our kids deserve the world, from clothes to toys to food. So if you believe your child is a star, do your part to let him shine in this world by buying them the best clothes.

Just like girls, today, even boys have the opportunity to choose from a variety of outfits. From jeans to T-shirts to boys shirts, you can choose a plethora of stylish outfits for your child. So keep your little one ahead in their style game with amazing stylish outfits. If you want to know what trendy outfits are for boys, we present to you our styling guide.

  • Boys shirts: A T-shirt is the most cliched yet a must-have outfit in every boy’s wardrobe. But if you want to tweak your child’s style, boys shirts are the best buy. Unlike the adult version, boys shirts come in a great variety, which means your child can have different shirts for different occasions. With cotton being the best choice of fabric for boys shirts, you can have fun playing with different textures, designs, colours and prints. Shirts with cool, funky cartoon and animal prints are the best bet, or if you want something subtle yet stylish for your child, a denim shirt is the best.
  • Denims: Coming to the bottoms, denims are the best choice to start with because they are casual, smart, comfortable and most importantly, ‘cool’. If you’ve got some amazing boys shirts for your little one, pair them with these super cool jeans. For your child’s comfort, you can shop for jeans with an elastic waist instead of buttons and zip so it’ll be easier for them to put on and take them off.
  • Kurta: For any traditional event, an ethnic outfit is a must, and what better than a classic kurta and pyjama? Keep your boys stylish and classy by buying them a lovely kurta that can be paired with a pyjama or dhoti pants. Make sure the kurta is simple and colourful and doesn’t have too much embroidery that often irks children because, at times, the thread work gets itchy. Please make sure the pyjamas or the dhoti pants feature an elastic waist rather than tie detailing, making it easier for your child to put them on and take them off.
  • Footwear: The right kind of footwear will compliment the outfit. Invest in the best stylish, trendy, yet comfortable pair of shoes for your children. Save your child from the hassles of tying shoelaces that can come undone when they’re playing by getting them slip-on shoes or the ones with velcro. Please make sure the size is perfect, allowing their feet to breathe.
  • Accessories: Complete your child’s stylish look with cool accessories. If your child is fascinated by watches or you’re urging them to learn to read time, digital watches with funky prints and colours are a good choice of accessories. Funky wrist bands or bracelets are another set of accessories that you can get for your child.

Follow this styling guide for kids and prepare them for a fun casual day.

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