Advanced Treatment for Migraines in Texas

According to research, migraines affect more than 38 million Americans, which for some, might cause debilitating pain. However, the condition is widely misunderstood and particularly challenging to treat. Finding an effective treatment to relieve your migraine pain can leave you feeling frustrated. At Republic Spine and Pain, Dr. Clement Yeh and the team of board-certified physicians provide the most advanced treatments for migraines and can come up with a plan to help you get the relief you seek. If you have migraines and other treatments have not been effective, call or schedule an appointment online with Republic Spine and Pain today.

What Are Migraines?

This is a neurological condition that causes a variety of disruptive and painful symptoms. The symptoms of migraines can last for 4 hours to 3 days. While severe headache is the primary symptom of migraines, you can also experience; dizziness, nausea and vomiting, light, sound and smell sensitivity, tingling sensations in your face or extremities, and visual disturbances such as bright spots, light flashes, and halos. After the migraine attack, you may feel confused, drained, and washed up for about a day. You might or might not have signs of a migraine attack.

What Are The Causes Of Migraines?

Research is yet to disclose the precise cause of migraines. Nevertheless, research shows various factors that increase your risk of having migraines, including variations in your brain chemicals and hormones. Other factors that can trigger migraines include; skipping meals, bright lights, medications, loud sounds, stress, dehydration, and certain preservatives and foods. For effective and fast migraine relief, you should take steps to avoid what triggers your migraines.  If you have signs and symptoms of migraines, plan to have an appointment with your doctor to discuss your headaches.

How Are Migraines Diagnosed?

When you go to the hospital with migraine symptoms, the doctor starts by reviewing your symptoms and medical history. Your provider might also request diagnostic tests such as a CT or MRI scan to help rule out other causes of your head pain. They might also ask you to keep a headache diary that might be used to ascertain your migraine triggers.

What Are The Available Treatments For Migraines?

The medical treatment options might include prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs to help relieve your symptoms. Other recommendable treatments for migraines include; acupuncture, Botox injections, behavior therapy, and biofeedback. At Republic Spine and Pain, the team of specialists will create a personalized treatment plan to manage your migraines according to your symptoms and medical history. The program might include lifestyle changes to prevent the onset of head pains, including; having a routine sleep pattern, practicing regular exercise, avoiding your triggers, and relaxation techniques. They also offer four new different injectable medications that you get monthly, effectively treating your migraines.

To sum up, migraines can cause debilitating pain generally on one side of the head and might interfere with your daily activities. If you experience migraines in and around Texas, Republic Spine and Pain provides effective and innovative treatment to relieve your symptoms. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

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