Advanced Treatments for Upper Extremities in California

Upper extremity injuries can be unbearable, hampering your daily activities. As such, you should endeavor to seek professional help if your condition persists. During such times, you need a competent orthopedist in your corner for lasting relief. Contact Dr. Kristopher Downing in La Jolla for precise diagnosis and treatment of upper extremity complications at his practice, Upper Extremity Specialists, for a customized treatment solution.

About practice

Upper Extremity Specialists of Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group in La Jolla and Chula Vista, California is premier practice led by Kristopher Downing, MD, and Daniel Brereton, DO. Along with their competent staff, they aim to provide non-surgical and surgical treatments for upper extremities such as hands, elbows, shoulders, and wrists. Both doctors offer general orthopedic care as well, with extra focus and a strong interest in orthopedic care of the upper extremity.

Their staff comprises Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Group members, the biggest private practice orthopedic group in the San Diego area. Collectively, the specialists diagnose and treat numerous upper-extremity injuries, diseases, and trauma. They provide highly personalized care, including conservative non-operative orthopedics, reparative orthopedics, and meticulous orthopedic surgeries where there is no other option.

Sports medicine diagnoses and treatments for professional and student-athletes are also available. They work jointly with patients to recover quickly and resume their sport with minimal risk of future injuries.

Services Offered

At Upper Extremity Specialists, new and existing patients are welcome to receive various quality treatments such as:

  • Elbow Injuries Specialist- For individuals that participate in a sport that demands repetitive movements with the elbow, there is an increased risk of developing painful injuries. If your elbow pain is adamant, contact the specialists for effective diagnosis and treatment.
  • Hand Injuries Specialist- If you encounter a hand injury, you should seek treatment from an orthopedic surgeon who focuses on the hand’s delicate structures. Contact the medics at Upper Extremity Specialists for a professional treatment that guarantees lasting relief.
  • Trauma Specialist- Trauma is a notorious cause of orthopedic injuries and complications. If you encounter the effects of trauma, Dr. Kristopher and Dr. Daniel regularly provide expert diagnosis and treatment for traumas such as tendon tears and fractures.
  • Regenerative Orthopedics Specialist- Regenerative/reparative orthopedics comprises treatments such as lipoaspirate therapy and PRP. These treatments at Upper Extremity Specialists help accelerate your healing process, getting you back on your feet.
  • Sports Medicine Specialist- As an athlete, you probably understand that training and competitions exert a lot of physical stress on your body. To perfect your skill, you need to make repetitive movements during exercise. These movements leave your body vulnerable to injuries. Contact Kristopher Downing and the team for expert and personalized sports medicine services.
  • Wrist Injuries Specialist- Wrist injuries can cause excruciating pain, hindering your daily activities. Your specialists at Upper Extremity Specialists address a full range of wrist injuries from traumatic injuries such as fractures and nerve problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. Contact them for a practical treatment solution.

Your compassionate physicians accept most insurance coverages for their services. To reach out, call the offices today or book conveniently online to enjoy high-class services from industry leaders.

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