Age Spots – Everything You Need To Know

Human beings are born with smooth and perfect skin tone. However, it gets worn out with time due to aging and prolonged exposure to several environmental factors. One of the main effects is age spots that occur as dark spots. Although they are harmless, age spots can be a significant cosmetic issue and can make you feel self-conscious in public. They are most common among adults above the age of 50. Book an appointment today with a Fort Worth age spots specialist if you wish to restore your skin’s appearance for cosmetic reasons.

What is the cause of age spots?

Melanin is responsible for skin color in the human body. People without melanin have a skin condition where their skin lacks color. Although melanin is essential, excess production could cause age spots. Our bodies produce excess melanin after being exposed to too much sunlight as a way to protect itself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. After a while, the excess melanin gets clumped together to form age spots.

Treatment of Age Spots

Your doctor will need to look at your skin to establish whether they are actually age spots or a different skin disorder to avoid using the wrong treatment procedure. After a successful diagnosis, they may use the following procedures to lighten age spots or remove them.

  • Medication: The doctor may prescribe a bleaching cream to fade your age spots over some months gradually. Most treatments are known to cause a mild, temporary burning sensation, dryness, or itching.
  • Laser treatment: There is also an option of using intense lasers to destroy melanin-producing cells while also protecting your skin’s surface. You may require several sessions to eliminate age spots completely.
  • Freezing: Freezing also treats age spots by destroying excess pigment in the affected area. Doctors achieve this by applying liquid nitrogen for a few seconds. Small groupings of spots may require spray freezing instead of a cotton application. The treatment also causes irritation for a short period.
  • Chemical peel: Chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure where doctors apply a solution to your skin and peels them to remove damaged top layers. The treatment is also used to eliminate wrinkles and other skin conditions. You may experience scarring, which should go away after a short period.
  • Dermabrasion: Doctors use a rapidly rotating brush to sand down and remove the top layer of your skin. The new skin that takes the place of the older one is smoother and with an improved tone. It takes a while for the side effects to fade with this treatment option.

Can you prevent age spots?

You could reduce the chances of developing age spots. Some of the tips include avoiding overexposure to the sun or covering up to protect your skin. Alternatively, you could apply sunscreen a few minutes before going outside.

Experts at Skin Deep Laser MD check your condition to determine its health and the severity of age spots before deciding on the treatment option. Every patient is offered a different plan depending on their aesthetic needs. Book an appointment today to rejuvenate and improve your appearance.

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