All You Need to Know About Piemob

Piemob is a platform on which you can find your everyday Application, complete some tasks, and earn some slices. Using the apps you already know of and love to play in the Piemob Application, you can earn the slices, which can get redeemed to pay some of your mobile bills regardless of the network provider.

Piemob is an application where you, as the user, can perform tasks by interacting with apps you are already familiar with to earn slices as a reward. Each app rewards its users with a slice, which can get converted to mobile data of your respective mobile provider.

A slice is a token awarded to a user after completing specific tasks in the Piemob Application. The Application is free, and no microtransactions are present to inconvenience you. The process is simple; you choose a task, complete it, and watch your slices increase. Piemob hosts over 10,500 apps ranging from subscription services to shopping and games; there is something for everybody, and no one gets left out.

How To Work with Piemob

Create An Account

You first must have the Application on your phone or device; you begin by downloading it, then log in with your Google account and sign in with it. However, those who do not have a google account should first sign up for one to start you off, then sign in to the Piemob application.

Complete Tasks and Collect Rewards

In the Application, there are more than 10,500 apps ranging from shopping to games and subscription services where you choose a task from the listed Piemob-partnered brands. The tasks are easy as they are from apps you already know how to manage or use and games that you are familiar with as the user.

Redeem Slices

In every task you complete in the Application, your slices keep piling, so the more task you complete, the more slices you earn. Pilled-up slices can be redeemed into mobile data from your pre-paid wireless account. This way, you can save on the amount used for mobile phone billing.

Why Work with Piemob

Brands You Know

The Application hosts many brands you know and often interact with. These applications range from games to subscription services and shopping applications. It is only in Piemob that everyone has a chance of getting rewards.

Money Saver

Piemob is also free to download, and its usage doesn’t cost you. Due to this reason, you will not be required to submit details of your credit cards or any other forms of microtransactions. All you need to do as the user is select as many tasks as possible from the listed offers and complete and get your slice.

Earn Slice

On completing the tasks, you get to earn a slice. A slice is a reward you get for completing the tasks. It can get defined as the Application’s currency rewarded to the user, which they can use to convert into mobile data for use in their respective mobile networks.

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