Answering private messages, the biggest question in online modeling jobs!

As a novice in online modeling jobs, one of the first things you ask yourself is if you should answer private messages or not. As you gain popularity, you will find yourself flooded with DMs from members, and you could be overwhelmed, not knowing if it’s recommended to take them into account or not. As you will see further in this article, the answer to the question above, more precisely should you or shouldn’t you answer private messages from members, comes with experience.

“I read somewhere that it would be a waste of time to answer private messages from users. Until now, I answered them, some gave me tips and they came back to the chatroom. How do you handle this situation? Do you answer all messages or do you concentrate on the public chat?”, a cam girl by the name of Ankie asked on a private forum dedicated to those working in online modeling jobs. Soon, the answers came pouring in. “I recommend keeping in touch with members. You never know how you could lose an important one. Be good to everybody, this is my opinion”, Amelya said. 

“If you create a loyal fanbase, you’ll see that you’ll have constant earnings. Some are too shy to write on the public chat but, if you answer them privately, they will become more loyal. There are many things you could do to build a solid fanbase. It’s crucial to make them feel important and to make them think they are special. Good luck!”, said another young woman working in online modeling jobs, by the name of CarlaX. “I’ve noticed that many of them come back if you answer their DMs. But a lot of cam girls think that it’s more important to keep the chatroom active rather than talking to a single user. It’s different for every modeling agency”, said a model working for Studio 20 –, the biggest and most successful non-adult cam studio in the world.

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“I talk with everybody, I don’t have any problem in doing this. I think you can be very successful if you are good at online modeling jobs”, answered Megan. “If you want them to keep writing and come back to your page, I would suggest answering them”, said Spicy. “I also recommend answering messages because this will allow you to create a connection with your members and they will become a regular presence”, Arielle added. 

However, one of the best replies came from a cam girl by the name of Sugar Lips. By her approach, you could clearly tell that she is very experienced in online modeling jobs and very successful in her activity. “Be smart, always answer every message! You never know where luck comes from! Anyway, you will figure out pretty quickly where there is a potential and where there is a waste of time”, she said. In other words, you should judge each situation separately, as no two things are the same, and you should never follow the rule “answer / don’t answer” blindly.

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