Bajaj Pulsar 125 – Top 5 Reasons to Buy

Before the launch, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon bike has been showcased at a dealership. You can expect this motorcycle to be priced within Rs 67,000 and makes one of the cheapest bikes in the range of Bajaj Pulsar. From this year, a new set of rules are mandated for two-wheelers by the Indian Government to ride safer within the country.

As per the new mandatory rules, any two-wheelers equipped with 125cc engine capacity should include a Combi-brake system and above 125cc engine capacity should have ABS (Automatic Braking System). Buyers and Manufacturers are very much happy to welcome this mandatory rule. The motorcycle prices are hiked since it is not cheaper to install the ABS system. We all know that Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most popular and best motorcycles brands within this country.

Design & Features

The Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon motorcycle is designed more similar to its bigger version of Pulsar 150 Neon. It includes the similar cycle parts, chassis, components; it also shares each single body panel, and same dimensions of Pulsar 150 Neon. It also has identical wheels, clip-on handlebars, part-digital instrument panel, and part-analog.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon has 140 kg of kerb weight and much heavier when compared to other 125 cc motorcycle. This segment has the longest wheelbase at 1,320 mm. It showcases the best street presence with running costs, affordability, ride quality, and performance to make it as Winner within this segment. With the smaller engine, it has more than Pulsar 150 Neon design and traditional.


The Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon motorcycle includes the front suspension with Telescopic fork type and rear suspension with Twin shock absorber type. It utilizes the same set of tires, suspension, and the chassis from the Pulsar 150 Neon bike. It can feel easy to drive or steer within the traffic with the help of high kerb weight. The bike can manage the bad roads and speed breakers within an effortless manner to deliver ride quality feel.

This bike has a better braking performance with the help of its disc brake option. Its lever action and the good bite are slightly soft. The drum brakes are modulated with the disc brake for better maintenance. The rear tire can avoid sliding with the help of avoiding the CBS unit. It has more stopping distance with the help of TVS rubber and soft lever action.

Fuel Efficiency

The most important and impressing aspect of this motor is refinement and credit goes to its counterbalance. Concerning city speeds, the new offerings of NVH levels are one of the best within this segment. The gearbox with 5-speed will produce the best task from moving the 1st to the 2nd. The heel-n-toe shifter and notchy looks very commuterish. You can feel more comfortable to drive 80 kmph even at around 6000 rpm.

After pushing more speed, the engine may start strains and feel minor vibes on your handlebars, footpegs, and even on the seat. With regards to fuel efficiency, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon can deliver 51.5 kmpl on city roads and 57 kmpl on the Highways. It has slightly low figures when compared with the traditional 125cc competitors. The larger tank capacity of this motorcycle can fill up to 11.5 liters.


The Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon motorcycle can accelerate at a maximum of 0-60 kmph within 7.11 seconds.

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