Benefits of Walking with a Midwife Throughout Your Pregnancy

Millennial mothers look for something different from the modern practices when they want to have children. A midwife may offer you an intimate pregnancy and birth experience, making you comfortable and confident throughout your journey. Though physician-assisted births are the order of the day, midwife-assisted births are steadily gaining popularity, with the professionals delivering a significant percentage of expectant mothers. Are you looking for a professional midwife?  Raveco Medical is the place to visit. Rachel Cohen, a certified nurse midwife in Jackson Heights, NY, will guide you, working with your gynecologist to help care for you and your baby.

Benefits of a midwife during pregnancy

Your midwife will most likely provide you with antenatal care throughout your pregnancy. The healthcare provider can also organize for a home birth when necessary. During your pregnancy, the medical professional will help:

  •         Book you for routine checks and tests
  •         Evaluate your child’s position, health, and developmental milestones
  •         Prepare you for labor and birth 
  •         Advise you on what to expect and give you support if necessary

When you are in labor, your midwife might assist

  •         Monitor your baby’s progress during birth
  •         Advise you on strategies to make your labor manageable
  •         If possible, offer pain relief or get your gynecologist to administer the medication

The medical professional will monitor your progress, update your gynecologist and call in the expert for the birth. If you choose home birth, the professional will manage your labor and call an ambulance to take you to a health facility, especially if you develop complications likely to require medical help. However, your midwife cannot administer epidurals. Only an anesthetist can give an epidural in a healthcare facility.

What happens after childbirth?

Your midwife’s responsibilities do not end after childbirth. The medical expert will care for you and your newborn baby after delivery. Additionally, she or your gynecologist will monitor your blood loss and assess whether you might need stitches or not. Postnatal care your midwife is likely to offer include:

  •         Help you breastfeed and settle your child
  •         Guide you on bathing your newborn baby teach you how to change nappies
  •         Advise you on routine tests for you and your child
  •         Organize for your doctor to administer pain relief

If you opted for a home birth, the professional might visit you daily for the first few days after you give birth. Your midwife should be available at all times to advise you over the phone or see you at home for regular appointments as the baby grows.

Why should you choose a midwife?

Before choosing a midwife, you may talk to your gynecologist for a recommendation. You may also talk with your friends who have worked with the medical experts to know of their experience and if they can make recommendations. Choose a midwife you are comfortable with who will make you have confidence in your pregnancy. You may opt to work with a midwife if:

  •         You want a natural delivery with minimal medical intervention
  •         You need social, emotional, and practical support midwives offer

Midwifery is beneficial in many ways, including providing you with the latest technology and practices in childbirth. A midwife gives you quality care with optimal outcomes. Contact your doctor for more information if you hope to work with a midwife throughout your pregnancy.       

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