Best Bedroom Plants To Keep In Your Room

To beautify your room, clean the air around, to boost your mood, plants do it all for us to be happy without expecting anything much in return. Talking of some of these bedroom plants, let’s discuss in detail which ones can survive indoors and one charms us with its presence and properties.

  • Lavender – The aromatic herb plant bearing pretty lavender-hued flowers is an excellent bedroom plant for its property of out calm vibes to all. Although, most of the people don’t quite consider this plant to be belonging to the “houseplant” category if provided proper condition like bright, direct light for a few hours every day it makes an excellent bedroom plant.
  • Lady Palm – An excellent species of air purifying plants, a lady palm plant is enough to fascinate one with its elegant fan pattern in its multiple fronds. What’s more? This plant is super easy to take care of and prefers bright indirect light to survive.
  • Rubber Plant – Glossy leaves, beefy shape and large in its leaf size, a rubber plant aka Ficus elastica makes a strong statement decor of any room, effortlessly. This plant likes bright light and constant moisture to keep it healthy and fresh.
  • Areca Palm – One of a kind palm plant species, an areca palm is around 6 to 7 feet tall in height and likes to have plenty of space to itself. It loves bright, indoor light and light moisture in spring and in summers.
  • English Ivy – This plant with beautiful leaves thrives well in pots, hanging baskets, or in a shared pot. English Ivy plant needs moderate light in spring and summer and it requires bright light in winters and fall. Water the plant before it dries out completely.
  • Boston Fern – Boston fern plants are inexpensive, classic hanging pot planters which prefer lots of light. Their green fronds are something which leaves one in awe of this plant.
  • Snake Plant – Having a different kind of dramatic, sword-like leaves, this plant also goes by the name Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. It does best in bright, indirect light and with watering it when it becomes dry. It is said that this plant can survive for a hundred years if cared properly.
  • Dracaena – One of the easiest to grow plants, Dracaenas are known to be air purifying plants which have been blessed with long, strappy leaves and with red fine markings on it. It prefers moderate to bright indirect light, and moist soil to grow in its fullest capacity.
  • Rosemary – While you choose to grow this plant indoors, you might like to chop some of its leaves and put it into your curry. Rosemary plant needs strong light, hence advised to keep it by a bright window and turn the pot every week to ensure its growth to be even.
  • Spider Plant – Spider plants are quite a common beautiful sight due to its long patterned leaves which makes it a popular choice of ornamental plants. It is also a kind of air-purifying plant.

So, these were some of the best bedroom plants to keep in your room. 

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