Best Debt Financing Option for Startups

Most startups look for financing options in the early stages. Today, there is no dearth of such financing options, like crowdfunding, angel investors, and venture debt. More often than not, this financing is used by small businesses and startups to gain the initial funds in addition to equity financing. Both banks and non-banking entities provide this type of finance.

More About Venture Debt

Like in most other forms of financing options available in the market, this kind of financing does not need collateral. The reason is quite plain and simple. Most small businesses and startups do not have substantial resources that can be converted into collateral. Most investors get a warranty from the company.

A startup or a small business can make proper use of this kind of funding after it has raised money through other means like capital equity. These mainly apply to companies that have made sufficient progress but are still not in a position to get conventional loans from banks.

It is important for any small business or startup to get complete information, before getting into this kind of funding arrangement. Venture debt is a non-convertible debenture. The term NCDs is also applied to such monetary instruments. The company warrants that have been talked about earlier, giving the holder the right to subscribe to the equity of the company. Moreover, the investment period is also not that long. It is 1-3 years. The lender might also be entitled to regular coupon payments.

Parameters That Investors Check

Most investors look at various parameters related to the business, before funding. The main areas are the management personnel’s reputation and expertise in the said business, the background of equity investors, the revenue model of the company. The said business that is looking for more investments should also have a large market. The investors also look at several operational parameters. They include the liquidity of the business, the scalability options, protocols set by the company for maintaining data integrity, and the corporate governance framework.

Picking A Lender

For all those, running a fast-growing early-stage business, this is one of the most viable modes of funding. Many businesses struggle to get funding from traditional lenders, and this is the only available in such cases. Most small companies and startups also have undue pressure on them to generate profits while keeping expenses low. Thus, this seems to be one of the most popular goals to generate finance today. The financing is also used between rounds of equity. It also helps to extend the cash runway. Most small companies are attaining larger milestones with the help of such options. It is also much cheaper than the equity. Today, all sorts of small businesses and startups are looking for such funding options.


This is the most flexible, and viable option to raise funds in the initial stages. So, that is what most small companies and startups are doing today. It also helps mid-market businesses. However, one should exercise caution while searching for the right investor.

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