Crucial Elements of Packaging for Safe Products Delivery

There has been quite a lot of difference between the traditional protective packaging and the current style of packaging. Of course, the focus of both styles was to make sure the right protection is provided. In the olden times, such type of packaging includes different wineskins, wooden bowls and even clay pots to name some. But as time has changed, the packaging style and material being used has been changed and quite elaborated as well. The primary focus of such packaging is now to not just protect but also safely contain, store, and transport the product so that it can be further used to serve the right purpose.

  • Basic protective packaging elements:
  • Blocking and bracing
  • Containment
  • Cushioning

There are different environmental factors that are not limited to electrostatic discharge, temperature, moisture, compression, vapour barrier, sterility and even atmospheric to name some.

Other patterns of packaging include the form sheets or some people also name it bubble wrap. The concept of wadded up newsprint and cardboard packages are also efficient materials used for creating protective packaging.

What exactly is Protective Packaging?

Primarily, such type of packaging focuses on the use of any device or material which can be used for protecting certain items in the storage or transport. This means anything be it the trailer over the road or even the paper bag and plastic can be counted as the protective option of packaging. However, considering the primary rule that for such packaging to be effective the protection level shall be determined depending on the environment distribution and product value too.

Things to know for the right protective packaging:

  • The cycle or the Distribution Environment

This would include the type of product, product fragility, item weight, product value and know whether the package needs to be reused or returned or should have the dependable shipment.

  • Movement of the product

This shall include the unit that is usually palletized by the fork, jack, or conveyance and the size of the conveyance that shall be used. It is also important to understand if the small packages by the conveyor will be done or through some other mode of transfer.

  • Shopping for the product

The shipment grounds are important to create the right packaging. There can be any kind of shipment be it FedEx, UPS, full truckload or even the sea shipment to name some.

  • Length of the warehouse

This of all is important to understand accordingly the material shall be used. The individual needs to know the duration for the product to be stored in the distribution centre. There must also be other factors considered such as whether the warehouse is controlled by the climate or it is ambient. This is one of the crucial findings because the corrugated paper container if used in such cases may degrade due to the humidity or the long-time of storage.


No doubt that the focus should be on the protective packaging but it needs to also match up with the requirement of the client. Whether the specific requirement is of the plastic fruit container or the foam interior tote being used for the machinery, it should serve a purpose to protect the product of the client.

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