Developing the Casino Marketing Plan

What is the marketing plan? To answer it in the most basic way, a marketing plan is a working document developed by the casino/ gaming enterprise for a period of the upcoming twelve-month to plan its advertising and marketing.

Why do you need a marketing plan?

 Casinos today operate in a very market-oriented economy, where a critical factor in the success of the enterprise is the marketing plan. The enterprise employs a marketing plan to attract a particular market segment which it competes for. It is also a plan to keep competitors at bay often by exceeding or matching their offers, and it also helps the casinos keep a check on the market segments they are chasing after.

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Things to consider in a nascent marketing plan:

  • The property
  • The customers
  • The competition
  • Market analysis

Being able to predict the future taking stock of these factors formulating strategies, budget, objectives, are the main components of a marketing plan.

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Marketing plans are periodically remodeled, some effective marketing strategies include

  • Social media: – engaging full potential with customers or prospects on social media can be one of the most effective types of marketing.
  • Email marketing: – a direct mail consisting of detailed offers on promotions, events, cash and food offers sent to the most loyal database.

Pareto principle

Another major factor to be kept in mind is the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule. It states that eighty per cent of the effect comes from 20% of the cause in essence 80% of the revenue is generated by 20% of the footfall in a casino.

Heeding to your premium customers and not just having them as another entry in your database is another way to ensure regular flow of revenue to your casino. Developing players from the lower tier of the pyramid is also a strategy opted for. 

Evaluating the marketing plan

Measuring the outcomes against the marketing activities and objectives and continuous evaluation, introducing new targets, adopting more unique strategies and making sure your marketing plan will be successfully executed according to the method of action. Reiterating policies taking into account the previous year’s accomplishments, and all the factors involved ensures the preservation of another year of endeavor.

A successful plan not only depends upon the accurate analysis of the potential audience but also of the competitors. Getting the correct, on-point data related to everything can also be an arduous task when not done through reliable sources. Therefore, the casino owner should select the right and trustworthy person to carry out the tasks. A well drafted and well executed plan can do wonders for the place. Therefore, get set going!

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