Different PEC Safety Training Courses For Workers In The Industrial Sector

The basic orientation of the PEC training course is designed to make sure different operators are given knowledge which further can be given to students. These types of courses are designed to offer a general idea of the safety and life concerns associated with the upstream, gas industry, and oil as well. PEC safety courses could be a one-day program that meets Major and a mid-major operator in and around the USA and also the BSSE requirements. It offers a basic understanding of what exactly should an employee need to know about general safety before they enter the facility and while performing their duties assigned.

About training mission:

The PEC safety course is all geared up to offer essential knowledge to the people who soon shall be part of the gas or oil industry. The primary aim of this course is to lessen the risks and thus enhance safety to hire contractors and clients in the job that have high hazardous risks. Further, the mission can also help in bringing the workers home safely from the jobs. This is possible only if they follow the compliances and safety measures that the company has set as mandatory.

Different PEC training programs

PEC Basic Orientation SafeGulf

This is one of the known PEC safety courses which meets the requirements of API RP 75 and API RP T-1 standards. On the oil and gas industry work site, the workers need to follow general safety measures to perform their duties. That is why, before they enter the workplace for such a task, this training is provided for them to understand how potential hazards need to be avoided.

PEC Basic Orientation Safe Land

This training is the basic course that meets the requirements of API RP 75 and API RP T-1 standards. In the gas industry, this training is given to the workers to help them understand how the duties should be performed while meeting basic safety standards.  Once the student or employee completes this training, they are eligible to get an I.D card and their information is recorded in the central database.

Led – PEC H2S Clear Training Course

In the industrial area, the use of Hydrogen Sulfide can be made under certain circumstances. This is one inflammable yet hazardous gas. The worker who shall be operating in the confined area has a high chance to get in contact with such gas. This training can offer knowledge on how the dangers associated with this gas should be recognized and what should be the crucial steps to follow for controlling the exposure. This is one crucial training course that meets the required ANSI/ASSE Z390.1–2017 standards.


The PEC training is an accredited learning program and is proprietary. It is licensed for the networking of the instructors which is authorized too. This program is meant for the workers who will be working on-site on a regular basis and is provided by the trainers who were once a part of this on-site job too. Certainly, with the Petroleum Education Council courses like this, there will be a lot more support for the students and even employees to understand what all risks are there in the oil and gas industry that need to be avoided.

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