Does Laser Hair Removal Offer Permanent Results?

More patients are looking for a more effective hair removal technique that is safe and offers long-lasting results. Although there are several hair removal options, including epilation by waxing, eflornithine cream, depilation by shaving, and electrolysis, the use of laser and intense pulses light systems remains the best option for patients seeking long-term hair reduction. Mind Body Infusion Med Spa, your experienced Santa Clarita laser hair removal experts, are ready to help patients get their desired results by recommending specific preparation and post-op care guidelines.

How does laser hair removal work?

The science behind lasers for skin treatment is selective photothermolysis. Microscopic tissue targets and chromophores in the skin selectively absorb pulses of radiation, causing thermal mediated injury. The pluses of radiation are usually of specific wavelengths, and in the case of hair removal, melanin is the chromophore involved. The range of wavelengths that provide hair reduction benefits is about 300 to 1200 nm.

How to prepare for your laser hair removal appointment

  •         You must provide a detailed medical history, including infections and drug intake.
  •         Your doctor should also conduct a hormonal evaluation to determine the risks of hirsutism.
  •         Your doctor will stress the expected results. It would be best if you were comfortable with permanent hair loss.
  •         There are different lasers for hair removal. Your doctor must evaluate your skin and hair type to choose the ideal laser for you.
  •         You should not attempt to remove your hair any other way, especially by epilation, for at least six weeks before your laser hair removal appointment.
  •         Your doctor may recommend that you wear sunscreen four to six weeks before the procedure.
  •         You can take pre-procedure photographs that will record you to determine the treatment response efficacy.
  •         Your doctor will apply topical anesthesia on the target site an hour before the hair removal process.

What to expect during your hair removal procedure

  •         Your doctor will first clean the target area to eliminate oils from the skin.
  •         Eye protection is crucial for both you and your doctor.
  •         Any metallic objects and reflecting surfaces should not be close to the laser.
  •         Your doctor will personalize the treatment technique depending on your skin and hair type.
  •         The most efficient technique that your doctor will employ involves placing the laser device perpendicular to your skin and pressing it gently so that the follicles are closer to the surface and there is a temporary blood supply to the site.

Post-op care guidelines for laser hair removal

  •         Your doctor will provide an ice pack for you to press on the treatment site to minimize pain and swelling.
  •         Topical antibiotics can help with any epidermal injury.
  •         Following the procedure, your skin will become sensitive. Therefore, you must strictly use sunscreen to protect your skin from damage.
  •         Your doctor will prescribe specific topical steroid creams that will help minimize swelling.

The only way to achieve optimal results is to schedule multiple appointments that will target the hair follicles in the anagen phase of the growth cycle because that is when they are most responsive to the laser treatment.

 Schedule a laser hair removal consultation at Mind Body Infusion to develop a treatment plan that will effectively eliminate your unwanted hair permanently.

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