Easy Way To Connect An HP Envy 4520 Printer To A Computer

We have an HP Envy 4520 printer and now we need to connect it to the computer. Most of the printers nowadays are wireless. It is very rare that one would find a printer that is still attached by a cable. Even though the printer is wireless a cable is still included if we would like to attach it to the computer. Having a wireless printer is so much easier and more convenient than a printer that is attached by a cable. With a wireless printer, we can print from our phone as well as the computer. This makes it so much more convenient as we all use our phone more than the computer.

If we do have a wireless printer then we do need to set it up. The way a wireless printer works is that it needs to be on the same IP address as the computer. Most of the wireless printers have a touch screen that can help us set up the printer. We just need to follow the directions on the printer and it will give us step by step the tasks that we need to accomplish. Since the phone also works on the same IP address, this gives us the ability to print from the phone.

In order for the printer to work with the computer or the phone, it does need to have HP envy 4520 driver. This driver is what is used to connect to the computer or the phone when we want to print something. Usually, the driver is already in the printer. If the driver is not in the printer we would need to go to the HP website. There we would choose the exact model of printer that we have and download the driver for that printer. Once that has been completed the printer will work with the computer and the phone. We can also print from a tablet as well.

As time goes on this HP envy 4520 driver will need to be updated. This is especially the case if the computer has had updates that the Windows program has mandated. If the printer is not working correctly or not even printing at all, most likely it is the driver that is outdated. When the driver is outdated the printer is no longer connected to the computer and cannot read the print jobs that we have requested. If for some reason the printer is not working correctly anymore that is the first thing that we need to check.

To check to see if there is an update needed on the driver we would have to go to the HP printer website. We can also check this in our computer settings. The settings for the printer will be able to tell us if the driver is out of date. If the driver is out of date then we will need to download an update from the HP website. Once that is installed the printer should work well again.

Drivers are very important to the printer. It is an essential part of the printer’s programming. This is the reason why it is so important to make sure that the drivers are all up to date. HP usually has all the drivers that are needed in a package. All we need to do is find our model of printer and download the drivers for that printer. This should keep the printer running well and taking care of the printing needs that we use it for. Drivers keep the connection to the computer and the phone if it is a wireless printer up to date and working smoothly.

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