Electric vs. Gas Heaters – Which Are Best?

This article will consider electric and gas log heaters based on 6 different criteria, allowing you to clearly see which is best for you. Read on to find out more.


Electric heaters are usually a lot less expensive than gas log fires in Melbourne. The upfront cost of gas log heaters can be upwards of one thousand dollars, whereas for an electric heater of similar dimensions, you may only pay a hundred or so. But in saying that, the actual costs may vary according to brand, size and any extra features included in the model. 

Efficiency & Operation Cost

In Australia, gas is king when it comes to running costs, with the prices per unit being quite a bit lower than that of electricity. This is where you need to take a longer-term view – do you want an electric heater that is cheap initially, but potentially expensive to run? Or do you want to pay more in the short term and save in operating costs over time? Gas log fires in Melbourne are much more efficient than their electric counterparts.


As you probably know, an electric heater is highly portable, so you can easily change which room to heat at any one time. If you’re renting, an electric heater is ideal, as it doesn’t require a gas pipe or flue, which most gas log heaters will need. There are various installation requirements for gas log fires in Melbourne, which may make them less suitable for renters. You can’t just install something into a rented home without having the landlord’s consent. There are nonflued potable gas heaters available, but they require a lot of ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and build-up of moisture, which can cause mould.


There is really no installation required when it comes to electric heaters. Just plug them in and turn them on. By comparison, gas log fires in Melbourne must be set up correctly by a professional gasfitter. They’ll need to make sure that the flue eliminates any emissions by the burning of the gas. This is for your safety, so don’t scrimp on finding the right professional to help install gas log heaters. Installation can cost between one and five thousand dollars, depending on the specifics of the job.

How Quickly It Works

Gas log heaters are quick to warm up a whole room, and will usually outpace any electric heater. When it comes to electric heaters, when they’re used in a smaller room, you will notice the room will heat up more quickly than a larger room. Gas log fires in Melbourne are perfect for larger rooms.

Size and Appearance

There’s no shortage of sizes and shapes of electric heaters. If you’re in the market for an electric heater, no doubt you’ll find something that does the job. But if you’re after something that is more than simply practical, you might be interested in gas log fires in Melbourne. Their realistic appearance creates a beautiful ambience in a living room, like an open fire but with the convenience of an on and off button.

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