Enjoy Full, Thick Hair of Your Dreams with Hair Transplant Specialist in Florida

Hair loss may hurt your self-esteem and quality of life. If thinning hair is affecting your well-being, don’t put up with it. Board-certified hair transplant specialist Martin Maag, MD, and his team at Honest Hair Restoration in Bradenton, Florida, and serving Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Tampa, FL, delivers NeoGraft® advanced hair transplant technology and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to give you the full, thick head of hair you crave. To schedule an appointment with the best hair transplant specialist in Lakewood Ranch, Fl, call the Honest Hair Restoration office or request online today.

What Is A Hair Transplant And How Does It Work?

Honest Hair Restoration’s hair transplants utilize NeoGraft® advanced technology to safely thicken your hair with donor transplants from other areas of your scalp. Dr. Maag and his Grafting Specialists team use a patented technology known as ProGrowth Combination F.U.E., which results in the softest, most natural hairline possible. You can depend on it.

Is A Hair Transplant The Best Option For You?

Dr. Maag will study your medical history to decide whether ProGrowth Combination F.U.E. Hair transplantation is appropriate for you. He will evaluate your hair and discuss your desired result with you.

 Additionally, he will provide guidance and assistance to assist you in selecting the hair restoration treatment that best suits your needs. In addition, prescription drugs are available at Honest Hair Restoration to support you with your hair.

What To Expect During A Hair Transplant?

Expect the following during NeoGraft hair transplantation:

i)    Donor Hair Removal

Dr. Maag’s Grafting Specialists extract individual follicles from the back of your scalp during donor hair removal. He methodically and meticulously selects the healthiest and most hardy follicles to provide you with the most complete hair transplant possible. These hairs are not affected by DHT and will not fall out on their own.

ii)   Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Instead of making an incision to cut whole strips of scalp and hair, Dr. Maag uses FUE to remove hair follicle units, sorting them together by length and diameter. With this process, you will never get a Linear Scar.

iii)   Recipient Site Creation

After extracting the hair grafts, the Grafting Specialist will prepare the recipient site in hair loss areas. Depending on your specific hairline and goals, Dr. Maag and the Grafting Specialists develop a hair restoration style. The actual procedure does not begin until you are delighted with the agreed-upon design.

To ensure that the grafts are stable during placement, they are first immersed in a cooled, medically-based solution. Individual hair grafts are then implanted into balding or thinning regions. To achieve a soft, natural-looking appearance, the grafts are put with an artistic approach. The method has been refined over several years of practice.

iv)    Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Dr. Maag takes a blood sample from your arm and spins it in a centrifuge to achieve the maximum concentration of platelets to improve hair regeneration and promote hair regrowth. Platelets help your body rebuild cells by acting as a nutrient for your hair follicle. He injects PRP into the scalp at the treatment site, following the Cleveland protocol.

What To Expect Following Hair Transplantation?

You should expect rapid results after a hair transplant, with optimum hair growth results appearing with time. Dr. Maag and his team work closely with you to meet your goals and provide you with the best possible results. Most importantly, Dr. Maag is your physician from beginning to end. You can contact him directly if you have any questions rather than via an answering service.

To sum up, Baldness isn’t a life sentence! You have choices if thinning hair makes you feel unattractive. Make an appointment with Dr. Maag and his Honest Hair Restoration team today, either online or over the phone today.

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