Essential Gear And Equipment For A Tennis Game

Tennis is one of the most played sports in the world. Like other games, you need the right gear and equipment to have fun in the game. If you are a coach, you need your tennis coaching equipment ready, whether dealing with pros or beginners. The proper gear and equipment ensure you’re comfortable and safe throughout the game.

That said, here is the right gear and equipment for a tennis game.


The International Tennis Federation (ITF) requires tennis balls to be yellow, spherical, and have a diameter ranging between 2.5 to 2.625 inches. Again, the spherical ball should have compressed air to weigh between 2 and 21/16 oz. However, this applies to adult players only. Thus, a coach should ensure to choose suitable color balls, soft and 75% slower than adult balls when choosing tennis coaching equipment for kids.

Wrist Bands

Wristbands are essential for tennis players because they prevent you from sweating and losing grip during the game. The wrist bands have sponges that absorb sweat to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the game. In addition, tennis players use wristbands to wipe the sweat on their foreheads, for support and to create awareness for the manufacturing products.


A racket is one of the essential pieces of equipment during a tennis game. It has a handle and a network of strings running across the frames. It’s made of wood or alloy and used by players to hit the ball. It’s designed to enable the player to hit the ball with maximum force and less tension. The handles are made of nylon or leather material to increase the grip. However, a coach needs several rackets when choosing tennis coaching equipment because it can break during the game.

Head Band

A headband is fundamental whether you’re going to a competition or training. It’s made of a flexible material and is horseshoe-shaped. It helps to hold the players’ hair in place to prevent it from disrupting them during the game. In addition, it absorbs sweat that trickles into the player’s face during a game or training session.


A net is crucial on both sides of the tennis court. The net is rectangular-shaped and prevents the ball from passing through. A net divides the two sides of the tennis court in half to help the players earn their points. It’s woven so that it reflects the ball into the field if it hits the net.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are stable, absorb shock, and allow lateral movement of players. They have thick outsoles and toe guards to avoid injuries during the game. In addition, they offer balance and comfort to prevent the player from sliding each time they run in any direction on the court. Again, they’re soft leaving the court as before the game.

Final Thoughts

Tennis gear and equipment are fundamental whether you participate in the completion or training. However, the coach should ensure you have the right gear and equipment, according to ITF tools, to prevent injuries and ensure comfort.

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