Everything You Should Know About Wound Care

Slow-healing wounds are responsible for massive pain that limits your ability to participate and enjoy your favorite activities. If untreated, chronic wounds can deliver severe complications like bone infections, calling for amputation. You can meet wound care specialists like Dr. Ashley Huddleston in Fort Worth, TX, at the Wound Healing-Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine for professional wound care. Other offices are in Dallas, San Antonio, and Overland Park, KS.

Who Needs Wound Care?

A severe wound and any other wound that creates an infection require immediate wound care. Your treatment involves effective procedures for non-healing wounds too.

Non-healing and chronic wounds may fail to start healing within two weeks and are likely to persist beyond six weeks. In this case, you need immediate care to hasten the recovery period.

If you have an ulcer on your lower leg/foot, you need professional care because ulcers don’t heal independently. Immediate attention limits the ulcer’s progression and health complications.

Wound Care at Home:

For minor cuts and bruises you can follow a simple 3 step process- Cleanse, Disinfect and Cover the wound using an Adhesive Bandage. Cleansing and disinfection of the wound removes any infection causing bacteria that may have entered the cut and using a wound plaster prevents entry to any other bacteria that may cause infection.

Types of Wounds That Need Professional Wound Care

You may visit Wound Evolution-Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine if you have:

  •       Pressure sores.
  •       Infected wounds.
  •       Foot ulcers/ diabetic wounds.
  •       Surgical wound complications.
  •       Venous leg ulcers.
  •       Arterial ulcers.

The months taken for a non-healing wound to heal may pose a threat to your general health and well-being. The persistence of your wound increases your vulnerability to infections that may affect surrounding bones, skin, and tissue.

If left unchecked, a non-healing wound may lead to an amputation.

Symptoms Showing That I Need Wound Care

If your wound is infected or isn’t healing accordingly, you may have:

  • Foul odor.
  • Fever.
  • Drainage from wounds.
  • Swelling and redness.
  • Dark or blue color around the edges of your wound.
  • Red blotches or streaks spreading from the wound.
  • Pain that doesn’t improve or worsens gradually.

If you develop the symptoms outlined above, contact Wound Evolution for effective wound care.

What Happens During Wound Care?

A chronic wound needs exhaustive treatment inclusive of thorough assessments. At Wound Evolution, the provider performs a physical exam, reviews your medical history, and evaluates your wound’s depth and size to determine the most effective treatment plan.

Your provider may also perform diagnostic testing to recognize the underlying cause of your wound and the risk of complications like bone infections. You may also benefit from vascular studies, blood tests, transcutaneous oxygen testing, ultrasounds, and diagnostic imaging (CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays).

Treatments Applied for Wound Care

Wound Evolution employs advanced therapies to stabilize wounds and promote healing. Your provider chooses specialized dressings and wound care therapies inclusive of:

ü  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

ü  Negative pressure wound therapy.

ü  Periwound skin management.

ü  Pressure off-loading.

ü  Compression therapy.

ü  Bioengineered skin grafts.

ü  Wound debridement.

ü  Infection management.

The team at Wound Evolution – Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine offers holistic wound care inclusive of lifestyle and dietary changes that promote healing. A nutritional counselor guides essential nutrients required to encourage the natural healing process.

The team at Wound Evolution also teaches you to change dressing and care for the wound for you to maintain the best healing environment.

Bottom Line

For professional wound care in Fort Worth, TX, and its environs, reach out to Wound Evolution-Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine for immediate assistance.

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