Excellent Workmanship Fences Services that Improve Home Exterior Looks

Fences provide a great home exterior look on top of the security they come with. The fences protect the homes and seclude outside spaces, making homeowners secure private spaces. The fences require proper construction and maintenance to perform the best service to homeowners in property seclusion and compound beauty. Nortex Fence & Patio provides excellent fence artistry with the best price guarantees for all phases of the construction needs with a critical focus on details and customer satisfaction which have earned them great reviews. The company provides residential and commercial services to enable its clients to get the fences that complement their building structures. In addition, warranties further enhance the quality of the services provided, ensuring that deck builders Plano, TX clients get continued service even after completing the contracted service. Some of the residential and commercial fence services include:

Custom Cedar Fence

Custom cedar fences create a clear statement on the client’s level of protection and appeal for their homes and spaces. The fences come crafted by experienced craftsmen who work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of materials doesn’t get compromised throughout the process. The company provides clients with high-grade cedar, which comes with natural resistance to bugs and rot, with an expert staff team of fence contractors in the industry. Cedar is a strong fence option that acts as excellent home security since the natural oil inside the cedar enhances the strength of the wood. In addition, the cedar looks great whether a client decides to apply stain for additional color or leave it unfinished, thereby making the home stand out in the neighborhood. While standing strong against harsh conditions, the cedar fences provided by deck builders Plano, TX experts provide clients with value for their money.

Automatic Cedar Driveway Gates

Whether a client considers installing an automatic wooden driveway gate or a first-time privacy gate, the company experts come ready to assist. The professionals conduct Plano, TX automatic driveway gates with the best build materials and artistry, including cedarwood. The custom driveway gates come hand-crafted by local craftsmen with experience in constructing functional and attractive privacy gates. Every step of the construction gets handled by experienced master craftsmen. The company takes absolute pride in providing jobs for the local community instead of using outside subcontractors.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining walls is crucial to the structural integrity of terraced earth and buildings for residential and commercial property. The walls provide a great defense against natural corrosion, define boundaries, separate space, and provide architectural accent features. Whether a client requires a small brick retaining for their homes or a massive flagstone platform with steel-reinforced cedar fence top, the deck builders Plano, TX, have the right expertise to execute all that. The experts provide clients with retaining walls that look appealing and last a lifetime providing clients with value for their money. The work gets done with close master craftsmen supervision who guide every step of the project to its successful completion.

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