Expanding Your Space: The Basics of Bump-Out Additions Without a Foundation

For example, you’re building a full-fledged addition or bump out addition without foundation when you want a multi-room bedroom space, bathroom, living room, or office. However, full additions blow your finances to smithereens. Expect to pay six figures for even a modest addition.

If you need less space (or can’t afford a full addition), try an add-on —a room stuck to the side of the house, usually a bedroom or bathroom. If you don’t need a lot of space and money, consider building a type of micro-addition commonly called a ” bump house. “

Bump Out Defined

Large, multi-room additions attract attention. Manufacturers favor them because they generate the most revenue while keeping customers happy. Homeowners love them because they increase the home’s property value and transform life at home. Families are also happy families because they no longer live on top of each other. Except for the high cost, full add-ons are a win-win for everyone.

A bump out with Zenith Design + Build for example is an extra space much smaller than a full addition and does not even reach the size of a room addition.

There Are Two Schools Of Thought On Bump-Outs:

Full Rooms: Home improvement writer Michael Litchfield said in “In-Laws, Outlaws and Grandmas” (The Taunton Press, 2011) that “bump outs” are essentially intimate suites.

Less Than Rooms: Another definition is ” Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Bedroom Add-ons, “which calls for a bump-out addition to an existing room but not to a room itself.

Although the rules are not rigid, here is a general profile for most referrals:

Small as 2 feet: Bumps can extend up to 10 to 15 feet from the house. But they can also be tiny “pop-outs” as short as 2 feet long.

Cantilevers: On a top story, a bump out can be cantilevered (not supported by posts), usually up to 2 feet. Extension permits can be difficult to obtain. To extend further, you need deeper joists on the main house. Additionally, you need to extend the hump joists further along the joists of the existing house.

No additional HVAC: One advantage of referrals is that they do not need additional heating or cooling services.

Penthouse roofs often have a shed (penthouse) or flat roof rather than extending the existing roof.

Minimal Changes to Exterior: Bump outs, because of their small size, do not substantially alter the home’s exterior. They often blend into the main house.

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