Four Different Types Of Packing Tables

For any organization, the two most important tasks are packaging and shipping. This is why industrial packing tables are considered to be standard pieces of equipment. Irrespective of whether they are located in a warehouse or a shop floor, these tables have a very important role to play. They provide an area for the workers where they can pack the products into the right containers and ship them to the customers.

Packing tables improve the productivity of the workers

If the packing tables are configured in the right way, the productivity of the workers increases. This table should have a holder that will store rolls of packing paper that might be located either above or beneath the work surface depending on the preferences of the workers. There should also be an area that will hold the labels and these should be at an eye level. This will make it easier for the workers as they will be able to easily grab these labels from the stack and put them wherever required.

These tables should also have an area that will hold the other packaging supplies including the boxes. There should be a box separator as well that will keep the different sizes of the boxes in the most organized manner using vertical dividers. If there are monitors and keyboard trays on these tables, it will also make it possible for the workers to create the labels at the workstation.

Surface materials of the industrial packing tables

Most of the packing tables have a solid laminate work surface and their height is adjustable. This way several people can use the same packing area. Thus, the companies that have different working shifts for the employees also do not have to purchase separate packing tables.

There are different types of packing tables available. To know about them, you can go through the discussion below:

Steel and laminate packing tables

These tables are strong and durable. These are customizable and have optional add-on components. These include risers, drawers, lower shelves, and also back tops.

Electronic and Modular Workbenches

These industrial packing tables are used in technical settings and labs. They have customizable cabinets, drawers, mechanical and electrical components, and adjustable shelves. These also have fluorescent task lighting.

Foreman Shop packing tables

These are used in industrial workplaces, businesses, and schools. These have both open and closed styles. They have a strong surface to write on and their storage capacity is also quite high. These can also be customized as per the needs of the clients.

Economic boltless packing tables

These are durable and quite an economic choice. They have a variety of sizes and capacities from which one can select the table that best suits his/her requirements. These are quite simple and versatile.


These packing tables are the best solution for all the different industrial needs. One can custom-build all the different kinds of packing tables. One can also speak to an expert to know what are the best tables for the type of business he does.

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