Helpful Tips on Google AdWords Cost

Everyone has heard of Google. There are not many who would or should concern themselves with Google Ads. What are Google Ads? They are a way for companies and individuals to pay their way to page one of the search engine giant’s results page. That is correct. You can pay to be on the first page of Google. But how much will you pay? Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase traffic to your site.

Some Estimates for Google Advertising Costs

Many advertisers will pay under $2.80 for the cost per click (CPC) advertising they do with Google. The costs will range extravagantly. Many factors will contribute to the CPC; the actual CPC might be just pennies to well over $20. The factors that will contribute to the cost include how relevant your advertising is and your chosen keywords.

Average Cost of Google Ads and Benchmarks

There are many ways to determine the advertising CPC you are going to need to pay Google. That is, you can spend an average of just under $3. But many factors can reduce the cost of advertising for any company. These averages can be $1 to $2 less than the average. It will depend on what the competition is.

Cost of Google Advertising

Many factors will contribute to your CPC when it comes to Google Advertising. These factors boil down to the competition for your chosen keywords and your quality score. These two factors will determine how high you rank for the advertisement and what you will pay. Some other factors include the following.

  • Quality Score
  • Keywords
  • Ad Placement Options
  • Network
  • Device Type
  • Location Targeting
  • Account Settings
  • Market Competition

How to Reduce Your Google AdWords Cost

All factors that contribute to the cost of your Google AdWords can also reduce your overall CPC. That is, to use the elements to your advantage, you must understand each one. We have provided some helpful tips to begin to understand these factors and how they will help reduce costs. These tips are as follows.

You, Will, Need to Get Specific with Keywords

The more specific the keyword is, the more likely it will be to be less expensive. For example, instead of choosing a keyword like “Best Running Shoes in the World,” you should select “Bestselling Running Shoes in the US.” You want to key in as best that you can with keywords. The more specific a keyword is, the lower the CPC.

Using Negative Keywords is a Must

Negative keywords are those that will be the wrong clicks. These are words to get your advertisement in a search result. One, you would not typically want it to be in results.

Keyword Matchup Types Must be Considered

The better and closer the matchup for the keyword, the more cost-effective an Adwords marketing campaign can be.

Find a Bidding Strategy That Works

There are five bidding strategies offered by Google. Consider trying all five strategies. That way, you will know which approach will work best for your ads. Find the most cost-effective plan and stick with it.

Try Increasing Your Quality Score

When you increase your quality score, Google AdWords will be most cost-efficient for you. It will not only be cost-effective, but it will improve the performance of your ads.

Adjust Your Bids as Needed

Increasing and decreasing your bids will assist you in generating cost-effective clicks. For example, you notice many clicks come from iPhones. You might also see that you are not getting many conversions from these iPhone clicks. It might be a good idea to scale back on the advertising bid for iPhone users.

Attempt to Radius Target

Radius targeting is more than selecting cities, states, and countries. It is choosing geographical locations. Like if you are a brick and mortar business and want customers to come to your site. It would not be helpful if you had those who are not near your location, clicking your ads.

Organic SEO and Adwords

Paid placement in search engines is the opposite of organic SEO. Organic placement in Google search results, often referred to as natural listing, requires extensive SEO techniques. Adwords delivers results immediately and only requires the time to really understand how the Google Adwords dashboard functions.

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