Honda Activa 6G: Know Price, Specs, Mileage, and Features & Launch Date

Two wheelers? Looking for one to buy the soon? Of course, out of tones of brands and varieties in the automobiles industry for the two-wheelers varieties in the automobile sector. However, there are several brands in the two-wheeler sector but then choosing the best one out of it could be very tricky and difficult both. Well, if you are still confused about picking up the best two-wheeler then here we have got Honda that is in the market since decades and have always been the leader when it comes to the two-wheeler dealing and distribution.

If you are looking for the best two-wheeler, then the next year the company is going to be launched quite soon making it the best one for all the two-wheeler lovers.

Honda Activa 6G: Features

Well, we all know that Honda always produces the master-pieces for the automobile industry and have always grossed the charts of sales every month and after every product launch. One of the best feature in the Honda Activa 6G is the connectivity feature with digital cluster. The suspension setup is now replaced with the telescopic forks with advanced technology, and with this the handling quality of the two-wheeler have all become pretty much easy altogether. The style is certainly at its best and never to mention it adds the perfect look to the rider as well.


Carrying all the greatness the brand has now launched the product that is simply going to be the best for all the two-wheeler lovers and the riders. The BS-VI engine with 110 cc with the air-cooling technology feature for the engine. Activa 6G also has the fuel injection technology in-built that highlights the stop system of the vehicle. These trending features and the specifications in the Honda Activa 6G improves the fuel efficiency making the vehicle hold more mileage of 60Km per Litre than expected.


Well the vehicle holds some good specifications, with disc brake in the front, with 100 Kg making it very light, also has the sheet metal wheels for durability. However, with the help of new technology that has been inbuilt in the two-wheeler from the popular brand Honda Activa 6G. BSVI emission norms is again the best and that is attached to the gearbox. The engine power of 8Bhp with 7,500 rpm and 9Nm and with the torque of 5,500 rpm on the whole.

Launch date and price

Well, the price is expected to be under Rs.80, 000 and also in the range of previous Honda Activa models that had been previously launched. The launch date is the next year 2020 soon after the New Year month. Hence, the price may vary as compared to that has been mentioned but however, you can be assured of the price when the two-wheeler gets officially launched in the market.


Hence, now you are aware of all the specifications and features of the Honda Activa 6G making it the best vehicle of the upcoming year.


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