How Can We Protect Our PC’s Performance & Privacy

The use of the internet is commonplace, but it can have major effects.

We use internet-connected gadgets in all facets of our life in today’s digital world: to gather data or surf social media, to send and receive emails, to watch or download YouTube videos, or to watch Netflix content.

These gadgets also store a plethora of private details about us, and if they are not protected by the best PC security software from scammers and those who would take advantage of this unprotected data, our entire lives may be turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

Internet security is an often underrated concept nowadays, but with new technologies rolling out daily it has become more important than ever before.

There are various ways to preserve the performance and privacy of your PC, so here are some helpful hints to get you started.

1. Keep your confidential details safe:

Turn on your computer and make sure it’s linked to a secure wifi network before turning off any functions that broadcast personal data. Turn off the “remember me” option on all sites; if you have a Gmail account, then use their two-step verification.

Always keep passwords safe by using something unique for every site or/and take advantage of the best pc security software. Also, change your computer password if someone else has been using it and be aware of phishing attempts (e-mails with attachments or links).

2. Get Antivirus software:

The best way to safeguard your computer from viruses and other threats is to install antivirus software. Another smart technique to protect your privacy is to use a reliable password manager. Both are easy applications to install and can be found in some of the best pc security software.

3. Keep your software up to date:

This is a no-brainer, but it’s worth stating the obvious; not only will having the latest software version ensure that you’re protected, but it also means that you’ll be on the cutting edge of some of the most advanced technologies being developed.

4. Use Secure Internet Browsing Practices:

Always use browsers with security settings enabled, – for example Chrome or Internet Explorer, and ensure that cookies and temporary files are deleted when you are finished with them. You should also avoid going to sites that have a bad reputation.

Leverage SSL encryption to prevent spying by unscrupulous authorities, whether they are law enforcement or commercial companies participating in government surveillance programs, who would like to monitor your online activity to sell advertising space.

5. Stay Safe Online:

Keep your Internet Banking transactions private by using a new password for each site that you’re using. Use encryption for all email correspondence, so that if someone does manage to get into your inbox, there’s little chance of them reading your messages. Maintain all PC files with the most recent anti-malware software as well as the best pc security software.


Technology can be a wonderful thing, but as previously stated, we use it in every part of our life, making it even more critical to preserve our PC’s performance and privacy.

Although unplugging your computer from the internet isn’t always possible, you can keep your personal information secure and your machine’s performance at peak levels by following the guidelines above. For more information please visit – WOW Wifi Internet

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