How exercise plays a major role in your kids day to day activity

Is your child interested in other activities other than watching shows and playing games on gadgets? If you relate your kid’s daily routine to this question, then this might be a slight concern. Frequent exercise is critical to guarantee your youngster’s development and improvement to be focused. It is suggested that kids between 5 to 16 years attain somewhere around 1 hour of moderate to focused exercise consistently. This implies that the total exercise a child has to have in their waking hours is around an hour. Extra exercise on top of the suggested can give much more advantages!

Exercise is a basic need for the human body that helps us to stay fit and active from a very young age. When we talk about our kids, it becomes more important:

  1. For their future: In the initial phases of life as a toddler, all the cells of the body have great potential to divide and differentiate, and as we grow old, that capacity and mechanism go on decreasing and our body becomes weak. So why are we interested to know the science behind all this? Kids exercise provides flexibility and helps their muscles to grow. Health in childhood is like a packet of energy – the more you store, the longer it will last.
  1. To avoid obesity and maintain a healthy weight: Statistics show that kids who are more involved in activities like watching tv, eating junk foods, and of course not exercising are more prone to obesity. On the other hand, the kids who develop habits like playing and loving outdoor games are seen to have amazing health and stamina.
  1. To improve concentration skills: Kids exercise has the ability to boost mood. It makes the body work efficiently and helps the brain to function with its full capability. Hence it boosts the concentration power and this gives the child the potential to perform well in academics. This increases their confidence.
  1. To communicate: Kids who are involved in exercising and sports activities often make groups to play their games. This helps them to be social and gradually teaches them how to communicate with people. As a child, this is a very good quality to develop.
  1. Psychological benefits: Playing and exercising keep them away from anxiety and stress. It also improves their sleep-wake cycle. In contrast, children who are less involved in these activities are less active.

The Final Word

So now we know how sedentary habits a kid can lead to having so many adverse effects on them in the long run. They may have many health issues, including obesity, their eyesight may weaken, and it can be a reason to have low self-esteem in the long run. Exercise by definition, is any physical movement or activity that keeps you healthy and strong. So every child must be physically active through kids exercise that can be done to play some outdoor games that involve running, stretching, and movement. This doesn’t mean you need to stop them from doing all the other fun stuff like gaming and TV but to evolve their lifestyle so that in the future, they will have better physical and mental health!


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