How To Collect And Transport Specimen With Recommended Security 

In contemporary diagnosis, different laboratory tests play vital roles. The accuracy level of these specific medical tests ensures the appropriate therapeutic decisions by doctors. Before all the laboratory tests some factors including preparations of patients, careful collection, and proper handling of the specimen determine the accuracy of test reports.

Therefore, in the labs, the pathologists need to follow all the essential guidelines and latest sterile techniques to maintain the safety of the specimen. But precaution about safety during collection and preparation is not enough. Standard specimen transport kits are also a crucial factor to maintain the level of accuracy in tab tests.

The endless research on medical conditions and safety protocols for contamination directly update the materials, packaging system of these kits. The low-quality materials and lack of sealing technology can make these kits vulnerable to the attack of microorganisms. This type of vulnerability in the transportation of specimens can cause misleading microbiological culture reports.

Essential Specimen Collection & Transport Kits

  •     Collection and Transport Kit For Molecular Pathology

This kind of kit comes with the necessary devices, which play essential roles to collect blood and tissues for prescribed pathology testing. After collection, all the specimens are packed along with cushioning materials, as well as an efficient absorbent pad. And the additional leakage-resistant bag ensures the overall safety of the specimen. Above all the whole kit is placed in a shipping envelope with air-filled packets. For air transport, the IATA Compliant kit is also added to the package.

  •     Collection And Transport Kit For Prostate Biopsy

This specimen transport kit for prostate biopsy comes in a five variation package. All the technologically advanced kits contain exclusive features to ensure the ultimate safety from contamination. The standardized components make the whole collection and packaging of the specimen easy. All the 20 ml jars come with 95 kPa certification and DOT technology as a part of the anti-leakage facility during transportation. These kits are also available with 8,12,14,16 ml jars. The labels of the jars are all printed with the location ID of the prostate biopsy. This innovative aspect of this kit eases the recognition process of particular specimen jars.

  •     Histology Cassette Collection & Transport Kit

This special kit helps the trained physicians to collect the biopsy tissue and transport it for lab tests. This kit is highly reliable to diagnose neoplasm, prostate cancer, and other serious prostate-related disorders. The preprinted histology cassette ends the chances of error and saves valuable time from collection to test in the laboratory.

  •     Gastroenterology Biopsy Collection and Transport Kits

GI biopsy specimen collection and transport kit come in dual variations. All the jars of these kits are secured with a corrugated insert. As well as the jars are placed in the zip-patterned bag, which is specially made of absorbent material. Printed technology of location ID for GI biopsy ensures the proper placement of the specimen jars for easing the identification by the testing personnel.


All these kits are also available for kidney stone collection, urine collection, etc. Therefore, all the medical tests or lab tests reports can be believed in terms of authenticity while the lab personnel uses this standardized specimen transport kit. Above all the endless research makes these kits more efficient to supply specimens to the labs with tight security.

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