How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle?

 Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is very important as there are several serious consequences that may follow a criminal conviction. Only an experienced defense lawyer will understand the importance of fighting for a defendant’s rights in the right way. The Seattle defense law firm is always there to help any victim to make the best decision most properly. Anyone in Seattle who is facing a criminal charge should get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight the case. Not all attorneys are the same. Here are 10 tips that will help in choosing the right attorney for the case.

  1. Look for experience: How many years the lawyer has successfully helped people facing criminal charges? It is an important factor to consider before hiring a defense attorney. If someone is hiring an attorney who doesn’t have much experience in this field, there is a chance that the victim can lose the case
  2. Decide the type of attorney: First decide what type of attorney is required, state attorney or federal attorney. When someone is charged with breaking federal laws, the person should get in touch with a federal attorney. A prosecutor from this office will guide in a better way to prosecute the case.
  3. Read reviews and testimonials: Before hiring a defense attorney or a criminal lawyer make sure to hear from their previous clients about how they handled their cases. Check their website and read the testimonials to get a better idea about their efficiency and reputation in this field. Checking the reviews and testimonials will really help to get in reach with the right Seattle defense law firm.
  4. Experience in local courts: There is no doubt that experience is the key factor when it comes to hiring a lawyer. The same goes for a criminal lawyer. The law firm should have substantial experience in the court where a person is charged with a criminal offense.
  5. The first impression is the last impression: When contacting a defense law firm, forget not to notice how prompt they get back to their clients. Observe closely the quality of their service if they are properly answering all the queries. They should always be available to take calls from their clients and respect the needs of their clients.
  6. Check the license: Look for some of the key qualities in the defense attorney. Not all firms are licensed and insured. This is why always investigate whether they have a proper license and certification for the job.


Criminal charges are very much hectic and they should be presented carefully before the court. Hiring the right Seattle defense law firm is one of the most crucial decisions one can make. The lawyer must have a good track record. One can also take references from family and friends to choose an attorney with whom the person will feel free to talk and discuss. The best way is to take reviews from the previous clients. It is important to know for a person that he/she is in the right hand.

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