How to Look After Your Diesel Car

Whether you’ve always driven diesel cars, or just bought one, it’s important to learn how to maintain this kind of engine. Diesel cars can vary slightly from petrol models, although they do have advantages such as being cheap to run and good for those who do long journeys regularly. Here are some tips to keep your diesel car running well for years.

Change filters

Many areas of diesel cars can get dirtier than petrol or electric models, so you should regularly check:

    • The fuel filter
    • Air filters
    • Oil filters

While some filters are easy to change, if you are unsure about doing it yourself, take the car to Garden City Tyres diesel mechanic for regular checks and servicing, and this will be done quickly and efficiently. It’s worth investing in regular services, as this means your car will run well for longer and could save you money in the long term.

Take it on long journeys

Diesel engines are more suited to people who do high mileage. For example, those with a long commute or those who regularly take long road trips. If you don’t regularly drive long distances, this can be bad for the engine, so make sure you do. It might be worth considering a switch to a petrol engine if you simply won’t be making these trips.

Regularly change the oil

Oil changes are important for any petrol or diesel car, as they keep the engine running at its best. You should therefore check the oil regularly, and as soon as it’s getting low, be sure to top it up with oil suitable for a diesel engine car. Don’t wait until the warning light comes on or you’re close to the minimum. Over time, this will cause issues with your engine and reduce the lifespan of your car.

Use quality fuel and top up regularly

When you run a diesel car, it’s worth considering using premium fuel, as although it’s more expensive, it can be easier on your engine. Some cars get a higher mileage per gallon from more expensive fuel. When it gets cold, keep your car topped up, as the combination of a low tank and no fuel can cause a lot of damage to your car.

Drive efficiently

When you drive a diesel, efficiency is important, so always:

    • Accelerate gently
    • Try to avoid dips in your speed – keep steady when possible
    • Decelerate slowly and coast – this uses less fuel and is gentler on your car
    • Drive at or just below the speed limit – high speeds can be fuel inefficient and will contribute to wear and tear

Diesel cars often accelerate quickly and it can be easy to speed when you are behind the wheel, as they are powerful, so make sure you are under control when you are behind the wheel.

Owning a diesel car is a little different to petrol models. When it comes to maintenance, there are a few extra tasks that need to be done, and you should make sure you only visit experts in diesel engines.

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