How to Protect a PC with the Help of Solve iQ?

In today’s world, protecting a PC can be stressful as there is too much malware happening and identity theft is not any new thing. It is important to protect a computer system from viruses, spyware, malware, phishing attacks, spam attacks, and several other cyber threats. Thankfully, there are too many applications to help from such stressful situations.

Solve iQ is one such application that can keep a PC protected from deceptive bloated applications and malware while improving online privacy. It was introduced by Asurvio LP. It is an independent service provider that keeps users productive and focused on optimizing the apps as well as protecting them from unwanted applications.  All these features are important from a business perspective as well that will protect client data and all other confidential information of a company.

About Asurvio LP

Asurvio LP was founded back in 1996 with an aim to serve the customer needs related to Windows PC support, and all other common device-related issues. They have produced some amazing and ingenious proprietary software. With more than 500,000 customers across the world, Asurvio is one of the most trusted PC performance authorities. Initially, the company used to market with driver scanning technology, driver intelligent database, machine model matching technology, etc.

Important features

  1. Security: Solve iQ offers some amazing features like DNS protection or deceptive app protection and computer optimization. Most of its users love the security feature that protects privacy by detecting malware and unwanted apps by its real-time engine. One can also get proactive support for more wi-fi and internet connectivity issues.
  2. Optimizations: Another interesting feature of this app is that it can deliver optimizations in real-time, depending on what tasks the user is doing on the PC – from playing a video game to calling a person.
  3. Clean up: It can also work as a cleanup service that helps the machine to get rid of unnecessary files and clutter to free up space. As a result the performance of the PC increases, which reduces the risk of data leakage.
  4. Improved performance: The page boost feature of this app blocks most video ads, pop-ups, and banners when the user is online. This feature improves the page loading timing as well as the browsing speed.
  5. Up-to-date: One needs not to get worried about updating the drivers as it will update the task using industry-leading driver matching technology. With the combination of updated and targeted solutions to common annoyances and distractions, one can stay productive and focused.


Asurvio’s Solve iQ can provide a user with the best technology experience that anyone will love. It was established on the guiding principle that everyone deserves technology that works. It is a sophisticated IT support on-demand for its users for any personal computer competence level. Installing this advantaged application can surely boost productivity and reduce costs for small to big consumers. The regular updates and fixes ensure that one can stay tension-free from downtime waiting for the apps to work.

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