How To Style Anarkali Suits For A Monsoon Wedding

Anarkali suits are among the most elegant Indian wear outfits, which is why we recommend you this wedding season to carry one of these. When you walk into a room with these dresses, all eyes will follow you. Since Anarkali suits are considered to be the epitome of grace, they tend to be one of the first outfit ideas that come to one’s mind while considering attires for an occasion.

Whether you are a friend, a relative, a bridesmaid, or even the mother of the bride, wearing an Anarkali suit will make you stand out from the crowd. Usually, a problem arises when it comes to wearing outfits at a monsoon wedding, which can easily be sorted through these kinds of ethnic wear. In this article, we will share with you the ways in which you can style Anarkali suits for a wedding that takes place during this season of the year. So, without delaying any further, let’s dive in!

1. Go for a dark-colored suit.

Rains tend to ruin the look of light-colored clothing pieces, not only because the spots of water can be easily noticed but also because they can get stained by dirt easily. Darker colors, on the other hand, stay intact even after getting wet. This is why our first recommendation to you this wedding season during monsoon is to wear a dark-colored Anarkali suit.

2. Carry a stole or a dupatta.

Pairing your Anarkali suit with a dupatta or a stole will add elegance to your look. If you are wearing a more subtle, plain suit, then we suggest you go for a dupatta that has an intricate design and is bright in color. This will be a great idea for the monsoon weddings as well because you can always cover yourself when it’s pouring out there!

3. Opt for jhumkas.

One thing that undoubtedly goes the best with Anarkali suits is a pair of jhumkas. These do not only offer an ethnic look but also add a statement to the attire. Considering the rainy season, you should look for the kinds that will not get ruined by water droplets. Do not forget to wear an elegant neckpiece that contrasts your outfit and goes well with these jhumkas.

4. Wear high heels.

Due to their flowy look, wearing a pair of high heels with an Anarkali suit will provide an illusion of height. Moreover, due to the monsoon, there is a high possibility that you’ll ruin the lower edges of your suit from dirt and water. So, the best way to avoid this is to wear high heels.

The Bottom Line

Anarkali suits have a sophisticated charm, which makes them stand out from all other kinds of ethnic outfits. Styling such attire this wedding season will definitely impress others with your look. And with all the styling tips we have shared in this article, you are sure to get all that attention from attendees at the wedding. So, which color are you thinking of?

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