How Would I Know My PC’s Motherboard is Broken?

”The computer was built to solve problems that didn’t exist before.”- Bill Gates

Well definitely having computing devices around us has brought a few troubles along with the numerous profits we earn using them. So when a computer defeats you at chess, you awe at the engineering and not gloat at your defeat. Find ways to tackle the troubles that the PC is creating.

Computers are complicated electronics. Their high efficiency comes from the many conversions and programming of electrical currents that happens at their core. For most people, the core of the computer might be the processor chip. Well, an issue in that chip is certainly a dark spell on your favorite machine.

A motherboard is the big central chip inside your CPU, laptop, or tablet PC that controls the flow of data and electricity through all other components like the hard-drive, RAM, Processor, display connections, and Graphics Accelerators. A failing motherboard can affect the performance of your computer and even destroy the data. Let’s talk about these issues that you experience with a weak motherboard. The things you should look for to prevent a dead motherboard which can cause trouble for your computer repair budget.

The Symptoms of a Failing Motherboard

A motherboard is a complex piece of electrical equipment. If the damage is caused to the chips on the motherboard, there can be trouble in proper functioning, and your computer might crash as unexpected and unwanted times. To prevent it from happening, a maintenance check or knowing the signs of motherboard failure is necessary. Here’s what to be cautious of-

  • Physical Damage

It’s a wise idea to check inside your computer once in a while to clean unwanted dust and to check for physical damage to the connectors and chips on the motherboard. Be aware to not prone around the motherboard circuits and connections while the device is on. An unwanted interruption in the circuit while electricity running through it can cause more damage, and you’ll have to pay for computer repair.

Look around your motherboard and check the chipset and connector nodes closely. Check for blackening on the green chipboard, some unrecognized stain or mold accumulation due to longer off-hours, circuits chipping out of the board, or burnt transistors and slots. A burning smell while using your computer can also be a big warning sign that you must shut down and call for computer repair services.

  • Screen Freeze or Glitches

The first time you see a glitch, it is not necessary that the motherboard did it. It’s possible the app malfunctioned or has a bug. Sometimes even the hard-drive may be the cause of a glitch or screen freeze due to problems in accessing data on the disk. But if you experience a glitch or screen freezes in almost every task you do, it is evident that your motherboard is facing problems or is heating up faster than usual.

  • The Blue Screen of Death

One of the most dreaded things for computer users of all ages, whether they are seeing it for the first time or tenth, is the blue screen jumping out of nowhere and interrupting the most important task of your life. It is notorious by the name of the blue screen of death among PC users.

The blue screen of death is directly related to hardware problems. The operating system pops-up a blue screen debugging notification that restarts the PC or shuts it off completely. It happens when the operating system is not getting the processing support from the hard-drive and motherboard. It isn’t that your hard drive or motherboard is dead, but negligence will kill them for sure.

  • Not Recognizing Hardware

If you’re getting an error note when you start your PC that says one or more components like the keyboard is not found, even when your keyboard is connected and receiving electricity, can be a sign that the motherboard is getting weak. At first, this trouble might be rare, but slowly other components may fail as well. If the hard-disk can’t run the operating system because of this error, you must check the hard-disk slot on your motherboard. If you can’t trace it get it checked at a computer repair center.

The motherboard has received its name for a reason. It is indeed the core of all operational support that your data processing and computer applications need. Any trouble to the motherboard can be a trouble to proper functioning and reliability on the machine. Get your motherboard and other computer components repaired and replaced at the earliest to save further damages to data and devices.

Meta title: When Does Your Motherboard Need a Repair or Replacement?
meta desc: This article talks about the issues with the most important part of your computer, the motherboard, and its causes.

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