Importance of veneers for oral health

When exploring cosmetic dental procedures, you might be worried about the safety of your natural teeth. You could have questions such as the ability of veneers to protect your natural teeth. Indeed, veneers are not only cosmetic dental porcelain, but they protect your teeth. Dr. Kaveh Kanani can help you with veneers in Tarzana. Your dentist will educate you on the importance of veneers for your dental health and fix your teeth’ porcelain layers. Read on the dental advantages of having veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers look like shells that a doctor applies on your teeth, covering any oral imperfections. They can work for discolored teeth, hard to whiten, misshapen and crooked teeth, and uneven, irregular teeth. They are permanent cosmetic dental procedures, and they require care like your natural teeth.

Advantages of Getting Veneers

  •       They strengthen teeth

Veneers will make your teeth strong as they are made of sturdy porcelain material. It corrects damage to your enamel and prevents the teeth from getting cavities.

  •       They cover chips and cracks

They fix small dental cosmetic issues which are visible when you talk or smile. Your doctor will review your issues to determine if you are a candidate for veneers. When you have a slight gap on the front teeth, you might be a suitable candidate for veneers. However, if your teeth are weak, you might have to get crowns instead of veneers to restore natural strength and appearance.

  •       The teeth require little enamel removal

Porcelain veneers require removing a thin layer of enamel to be removed from the teeth, and it can fix lost enamel. Once enamel is lost, it cannot be replaced, but veneers can prevent enamel corrosion that happens because of acid reflux or tooth decay.

  •       They prevent tooth discoloration

If your teeth have discoloration problems that cannot be fixed by whitening, you can have veneers that can last for years. They are hard to stain and protect your natural teeth, but it could help if you treated them with care. For instance, you should learn that the porcelain can chip if you bite into hard objects, it is wise to care for them as you care for natural teeth.

  •       They are cosmetic dental porcelain that improves your smile

When you seek dental porcelain procedures, your dentist will take the impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab, which will be used to create veneers specific to your oral structure. They will look like your natural teeth and will give you a bright smile and boost your confidence.

The Bottom Line

Dental veneers are porcelain covers placed over your teeth, and they act as cosmetic materials which protect your teeth. They are low maintenance and hard to stain, however, you should care for them like your natural teeth. The veneers can hide everyday dental problems such as eroded teeth, stained teeth, crooked and misshapen teeth, and uneven dental spacing.

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