The term ‘hybrid’ can be defined as a combination of different elements, in layman’s terms. A hybrid workforce meaning a group of people belonging to an organization working together even by not sharing the same space, has become a trend itself. With more and more people engaging in the practice, it has become as common as working in a proper office. This article is an insight into how and why a hybrid office has become a new aspect in the work culture.


  • Efficiency

Hybrid workforce offers financial relief to both employer and employee. It can reduce the expenses that a company incurs for their employees like electricity, maintenance, stationary etc.

Employers can relocate the office space to a smaller one resulting in low rent, utilities and supplies. It will expand the options for an employer for cost cutting. For an Employee, transport expenses will be reduced which will contribute to their life savings.

  • Boon for the home-maker

It isn’t just about females, males play an equally important role in dealing with the responsibilities of work and family. Even in situations where one may choose to completely focus on work life, others might sometimes be loaded with the responsibilities of home. A hybrid office works well for people who have to bear the responsibilities of household while also pursuing their dream to work.

  • A solution for pregnant and new mother

It is no surprise that the first priority for both the new mothers as well as the mothers-to-be, is their health. In many situations, it becomes mandatory for them to stay at home. Being a part of a hybrid workforce makes it easier to remain healthy, comfortable and productive at the same time.

Hybrid office has ripped apart the stereotype that restricted the women to their home while experiencing any of the given two aspects in their lives. A further advantage of this is that it prevents the huge gap in the career experience that arises due to maternity leaves. This may be a perfect option for all the ladies who enjoy working.

  • Better Productivity

The bubble of less productivity in the hybrid workforce burst when many companies posted their increased productivity surveys and margins online which not only promoted the trend but also gave an opportunity to adopt and restart the workflow in the market again.

The freedom to work remotely will result in better productivity as it will reduce the mental stress with less disturbances and interference and will offer flexible working hours which will take the edge off the work pressure.

  • Improved employee’s satisfaction

Remote working not only gives an opportunity to savings but also increases employee’s satisfaction with his work and job profile. A satisfied employee will be better at productivity than an unsatisfied employee. This will lead to a rise in employee’s loyalty and morale.


  1. Need of cyber security

With the growing trend of hybrid workforce, cases of cyber-attacks, hacking, phishing and ransomware are also increasing. In order to protect data from unfavorable situations cyber security is a must needed tool in every company offering remote working.

According to a survey conducted by Forbes, around 75% companies adopted unplanned cloud services which unintentionally increased the number of cyber-attacks and also created gaps for hackers.

  • Effective and secure communication

Telephonic conversation might not be a secure way; several companies shifted their meetings and conferences on video conferencing platforms. Companies should adopt a platform which does not allow any interference in their confidentiality.

  • Maintaining balance in working groups

In certain cases, companies may fail to encourage each and every group equally. This may deteriorate the confidence in the employees and deprive them of the feeling of recognition. Chances of rift among groups can arise if the groups are not well maintained and given equal importance.

  • Lack of real-time experience

While a hybrid office may be a boon in many cases, it definitely restrains an employee from gaining the experience that comes from working within the walls of a professional workspace. They miss out on office experiences like coexisting with employees of different backgrounds, sitting with them, sharing with them, eating with them and so much more.


While the covid pandemic period halted the work life of the world, companies started to switch their working style in a very efficient manner which resulted in a new trend which is now worldwide accepted and also pointed a way to work new industries like workstations.

Hybrid workforce offers a flexible option to the employees to work remotely either from their home or in office. It, for many reasons, has definitely become a safe option for everybody.


Encouragement of a hybrid workforce has led to a cultural shift in the working style of the corporate world. It has definitely altered the role of office space and will continue to do so. Given that comfort is a prerequisite for a workspace, a hybrid office is a boon for those who find comfort at home while working.

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