Juicing And Its Benefits On Health

In these tough times, when health is the most valuable aspect of life, one must know why Juices are regarded as the best nutritional food. Most people ignore that juice is the most convenient way to consume proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

People often think about transforming their routine lifestyle into a healthy one, and juices are an integral part of that transformation. Drinking fruits and vegetables are easy and time-saving as well. And, what’s better than the best slow juicer to make those nutritional juices.

Benefits of juices:

Juices are like all-rounders when it comes to health benefits. They provide everything good for the body in an adequate amount. Additionally, they also help maintain blood sugar levels and hydration in the body. Vegetables are the most preferred option for healthy juices due to their higher nutritional compositions.

But only the best slow juicer will make the best juice without eliminating the beneficial nutrients. This is because science has proven that the method of extraction affects the nutrients.

Thus, we must know the difference between Conventional Juicing against Cold-pressed/Slow Juicing.

Conventional Juicing:

This type of juicing is done with the help of Conventional Juicers that use sharp blades to cut-through the fruits and veggies. The flaw in such juicing is that ingredients become hot due to the heat of the machine and lose their nutritional value. These juicers also yield fewer amounts of juices due to the complete removal of pulp and fiber. In comparison to the best slow juicer, they produce a high amount of foam on the top.

Cold-pressed/ Slow juicing:

The Cold-pressed or Slow juicing technique is the most accepted juicing method. This method works by crushing and pressing the fruits and veggies against the machine to extract the maximum amount of juice possible. The juicer is slow and delicate, but the result is original and nutritious. Unlike conventional juicers, slow juicers don’t produce much heat or noise due to modern technological use.

Slow juicing is a natural process of extracting juices out of the fruits without disturbing their nutritional value. The anti-oxidants are intact, and pulp extract is also present in the thick juice.

Features of the Slow Juicer:

To get the best juice, you need a quality slow juicer. Following are the features of a good Slow Juicer:

  • Quality assurance should be provided in the juicer you’re using.
  • Hassle-free service and warranty should be provided to the customers.
  • Helpful customer service and complaint portals must help customers face problems with the product or its working.
  • A big enough container is required to extract more juice in one go. This reduces time and effort.

The automatic cut-off is a new feature given by quality juicers. This feature turns off the machine when the reservoir or container is opened after juicing, which prevents accidents and saves electricity.

If you are planning to buy a slow juicer for its innumerable health benefits, go for it. A small change in lifestyle today can give you a better tomorrow.

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