Know More About How Browser Plugins Can Be Useful To Speed Up Internet

No matter how fast a browser is, over time, they all slow down. Mostly, it is due to the memory hog, which results in a slower surfing experience on low-end devices.

Thankfully, there is a slew of browser plugins to speed up internet available to help get things done faster.

Top Browser Plugins to speed up Internet

The plugins aid in practically everything, from loading pages faster to quick navigation. If there is lag experienced in the browser, try these plugins to improve the browser’s performance.


By default, a browser uses several background services to preload page data and speeds up the surfing – everything from cookies to cached pictures from previously visited websites.

FasterChrome, on the other hand, does something even more clever. It detects the mouse movement and, when hovering over a hyperlink for just 65 milliseconds, it begins preloading the site to which that hyperlink connects, saving 300 milliseconds for every clicked link.

Yes, this utilizes a little more bandwidth than previously, but not by much, and the difference is noticeable in the surfing performance after a while.

Web Boost

Web Boost is a new strategy for enabling faster browsing than targeting each website to load faster or preload particular pages. Its goal is to reduce the amount of work a browser has to do by caching construction blocks.

Web Boost refers to elements that are shared across multiple web pages as building blocks. A smart way for browser plugins to speed up the internet is to use preloading techniques. Web Boost reduces page loading times by identifying standard website building components and refusing to download them again. There is no need for any setting or caching with this addon. Videos and photos retain their quality as well.


The fact that uBlock Origin is the heir of Adblock is slowly becoming widespread knowledge. It’s a much newer program, designed on more modern technologies, and hence consumes significantly fewer system resources than the decrepit old Adblock. It also utilizes less RAM, which will have an impact on individuals who are using older devices. It’s also excellent in terms of features. It offers extra built-in capabilities, unlike many other browser plugins to speed up the internet.

For uBlock to work at total capacity, one needs to provide many permissions, but once it does, it’s possibly the most critical single extension for speeding up the surfing experience.

The Great Suspender

A slower computer means a slower browser if there are a lot of tabs open. The experience is probably frustrating. The Great Suspender can help here by suspending all tabs that haven’t been used in a certain amount of time. It’s usual to have numerous tabs open and only use a handful of them regularly.

This extension will automatically suspend these tabs and release all of the memory they were using.


Browsers these days are packed with multi-tasking and hence, become heavy with information and cookie storage. Browser plugins help improve the browser performance considerably and, in turn, the speed of the Internet.

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