Melanoma Treatment Options For a Better Quality of Life

Cancer often brings worry and a diagnosis can make your life miserable. Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, is one of those issues you do not want for yourself, as it is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer. However, with the help of dermatologists, you can benefit from the best available treatments. Dr. William T. Long is experienced in cancer management and you can look to him for the best melanoma treatments that will give you peace of mind.

What causes melanoma?

Cancers are rapidly dividing cells at any point of your body, which goes out of control. The same issue can happen on your skin, with cells responsible for pigmentation going out of control. Melanocytes are these types of cells in the skin, and when they go out of control, you have skin cancer. Melanoma mostly comes from sunburns, as the sun has one of the most dangerous rays when exposed to the skin for long. Ultraviolet rays are responsible for cancer. However, in some cases, you can get melanoma in parts of your body not exposed to the sun, such as in the soles of your feet. In such circumstances, you should make an appointment to visit Manhattan Dermatology to identify the real cause of your cancer.

Skin cancer affects older people more, with the younger demographic now reporting increasing cases of the problem. The issue can affect your eyes and even other hidden places in your skin, which is why it is vital to get a thorough skin analysis for the problem. The issues that put you more at risk of cancer include:

  •         Having blond hair
  •         Having light eyes
  •         Family history of the problem
  •         Age spots at different parts of the body
  •         A lot of freckles on the body
  •         Patients with an organ transplant

Melanoma spreads faster than other forms of skin cancer, and the longer you take to reach your doctor, the higher your chances of a deadly consequence.

How do you tell when you have melanoma?

The disease usually comes subtly, making it difficult to identify in the initial stages. However, you can constantly check your moles to identify any changes you can share with your doctor. Regular visits to your doctor can also help you identify and deal with the issue early before it becomes deadly or challenging to treat.

Issues that indicate skin cancer include:

  •         A firm or red lump that bleeds when pricked
  •         Sudden changes in the moles on your skin
  •         Sore throat that takes time to heal
  •         A waxy spot on your skin

These changes encourage you to make an immediate decision to prevent the situation from escalating. A partnership with Manhattan Dermatology can help you avoid deadly consequences.

What treatment options are available for melanoma?

Your unique situation will point your doctor to the right treatment techniques. You have options such as surgeries and chemotherapy that can help you deal with the situation.

Avoid the complications of melanoma when you partner with Manhattan Dermatology. Find out how you can avoid the situation in the future. Call the center or make your appointment online to begin your journey to a cancer-free life.

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