Minimally Invasive Pain Management in New Jersey

Chronic and acute pain limits your mobility and productivity at work, while playing sports, and affects your life’s quality. Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine of Glen Rock, New Jersey, offers specialized pain management services considering your symptoms and underlying causes. Dr. Steven Ferrer and Dr. Kevin McElroy welcome new and subsequent patients in need of long-term relief from back pain, hip pain, spider veins, sports injuries, neck pain, and shoulder injuries. Call the practice or use online booking tools to book an initial appointment.

Services Offered at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine

Dr. Ferrer and Dr. McElroy are highly specialized in:

  •       Epidural Injection. An epidural injection alleviates symptoms of herniated discs, sciatica, and pain in various parts. Each steroid injection works more effectively, from two to three days, and improves continuously for months. Your treatment involves a breakdown of relevant information concerning what to expect during and after your treatment.
  •       Neuropathy. Affects normal activity in the peripheral nervous system and nerves. Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine diagnose neuropathy through conclusive scrutiny of your medical history, medication history, and test results like electromyography and nerve conduction study. Treatment options include physical therapy to alleviate pain and relieve other symptoms.
  •       Radiofrequency Ablation. Offers relief for varicose veins, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, and spider veins, by targeting the underlying causes. Your doctor numbs your leg before an ultrasound specialist pinpoints the affected area and inserts a catheter for precision. Upon completion, your doctor applies a compression stocking and bandage to prevent tenderness, bruising, and to promote proper blood flow through your legs.
  •       Regenerative Medicine. Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine uses regenerative stem cell medicine to hasten your recovery from injuries and pain in your muscles, joints, and soft tissues. Major effects of your treatment include redness, bruising, and mild soreness around the treatment area, but disappears after a maximum of forty-eight hours. Changes are visible about four to twelve weeks and may last for up to six months.
  •       Sclerotherapy. A non-surgical in-office procedure that relieves you of unwanted veins (spider and varicose veins). During sclerotherapy, your provider injects a special solution into the unwanted veins. Sclerotherapy lasts for an hour or less, depending on the affected area and your medical condition. Your provider may combine sclerotherapy and radiofrequency ablation for highly effective and long-term results.
  •       Sports Medicine. Sports-related injuries limit your mobility and freedom to enjoy your favorite game. Your doctor conducts a conclusive examination and asks relevant questions about your injury and further tests to determine the best treatment option. Your treatment includes acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, joint injections, stem cell injections, or interventional spine procedures.
  •       Fluid Flow Regenerative Therapy. Improves your chances of recovery from injuries to your soft tissues, muscles, and joints. Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine administers fluid flow regenerative therapy to address degenerative joint disorders, inflammatory conditions, and soft tissues.
  •       Cortisone Injections. Relieve pain and inflammation in specific areas. The injection contains a corticosteroid medication and a local anesthetic working in conjunction to improve joint function, range of motion, and minimize discomfort. Your doctor considers your lifestyle, symptoms, and medical history, to determine your eligibility for cortisone injections. 

In conclusion, chronic pain, acute pain, vascular problems, and sports injuries should not limit your life. If you’re in New Jersey, visit Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine for on-site services or book telehealth appointments.

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